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The OSLC Communications Usergroup is a group to discuss, plan and execute communications about the work of the Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) community. The usergroup aims to build visibility of the work of the various workgroups and to raise awareness of the value of the work across industries to both vendors and customers.

For more details, see the workgroup proposal (including initial supporters).


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Meetings schedule, agendas and minutes

Next meeting

  • Tuesday 14 November 2017 - agenda.

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Monthly OSLC Score Card

This links provides details on a few health statistics of the community Monthly Scorecard


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Activities and Open Tasks

OSLC General Presentation

TBD the basic OSLC presentation needs to be reviewed and then communicated to all partners!
+ General OSLC Presentation Master

OSLC Conference

TBD the OSLC Conference needs to be planned
+ Planning

OSLC Vision

The OSLC Vision, as it evolves, should guide our planning activities
+ Vision

OSLC Alumni Get Together


Working documents

Reference documents


Completed and/or Superseded Documents