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The goal of this effort is to define a common set of resources, formats and RESTful services for the use in Asset Management tools and use by ALM and PLM tools.

Refer to the definitions page for descriptions on asset management related terms used here.


The specifications will be developed iteratively by first prioritizing scenarios and focusing on a minimal set of key scenarios. Once these scenarios have been satisfied by specification and proof of implementation, more scenarios will be considered.


Meeting agendas and minutes


2.0 (Finalization)

Document Version Status
OSLC Asset Management 2.0 Specification 2.0 complete/finalized
OSLC Asset Management 2.0 specification issues 2.0 Catalog of Spec Issues

1.0 (Finalized)

Document Version Status
OSLC Asset Management Specification 1.0 1.0 complete/finalized
OSLC Asset Management 1.0 Specification ISSUES 1.0 Catalog of Spec Issues

Supporting Documents

Document Version Status
RDFS Vocabulary 2.0 complete/finalized
Asset Management Use Case 2.0 draft
OSLC Service Provider Catalog 1.0 specification
Asset Management Build System Use Cases 1.0 convergence
Asset Management Human Interaction Use Cases 1.0 future
Context: Lifecycles 1.0 future


Note: iterative specification validation will be occurring as the drafts evolve before finalization. The goal is to not develop the specification in abstract; but to do it in parallel with implementations. We will identify the integration opportunities to validate the spec in order for it to be finalized.

Complete Scenario: this means we have documented on the wiki and agreed to the scenarios for which the REST API will be specified/implemented
Start Draft Specs: this means we have sufficient context from the scenarios to begin describing the REST API specs; as the specs mature, so implementing the RETS API based on the specs can begin as well
Start Convergence: this means the spec is ‘near final’ and final polishing activities begin

Scenario Complete Scenario Start Draft Specs Start Convergence Finalize Spec
Publish 21 Oct 2009 26 Aug 2009 Feb 2010 17 March 2010
Search 21 Oct 2009 26 Aug 2009 Feb 2010 17 March 2010
Retrieve 21 Oct 2009 26 Aug 2009 Feb 2010 17 March 2010


Implementation Reports

Mailing Lists

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