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The OSLC Embedded Systems User Group will explore issues in embedded systems across a broad variety of application domains.

For more details, see the Workgroup Proposal (including initial supporters).


The basic approach being discussed and fine-tuned within the group can be found under Eliciting Integration Scenarios. In short:

  1. A small set of typical embedded system development setups (i.e. a development environment used to developed a particular embedded system/application) is defined.

  2. For a given setup, development scenarios that highlight specific integration needs between tools are elicited.

  3. Patterns are identified across the many setups and scenarios, and then prioritized for further consideration.

  4. Prioritized scenarios are then processed to produce concrete proposals for relevant OSLC Workgroups.


The User Group meets on a bi-weekly basis. You can find our schedule, agendas and minutes here:

Embedded Systems Meetings and Minutes

Communications & Feedback

Working documents

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