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OSLC Communications User Group August 23, 2016



  • IBM CE Summit

    • RECEPTION - Michelle recommended that we join with the Wine and Chocolate event and announce it being hosted by OASIS OSLC as opposed to having a separate event. Rainer was concerned that we would get lost in this huge event and thought a separate event might be better. Mark liked the idea and thought if we promoted ourselves correctly, it would be a win-win. We just needed to ensure we have a place where we can talk to clients. Rainer thought it would be better if we started our reception later at 6 PM on Tuesday or host it on Wednesday after the Happy Hour event. Jane suggested that maybe we could pay something to promote our event at the Wine and Chocolate and then host a separate event. Jane has not put together a budget for this event, but we can do tickets. Estimating 2 drinks per person with around 50 people. Light appetizers – cheese and crackers and possibly fruit and then a cash bar for people who would like more drinks.
    • PRESENTATION - Michelle’s going to have a room that’ll be available on Thursday for sessions to have live events, but Rainer prefers his presentation is on Tuesday and Wednesday, so that we can also promote the reception. If we have to make a recording after the presentation, we can do that and post it on the community.
    • PROMOTION PLANS - Kalena would like to start promoting our presence on a regular basis starting after Labor Day US holiday.
    • SURVEY - Rainer prefers not to have a survey prior to the event since we just had a survey. Rainer’s main goal is to get people involved in OSLC, so would like to get people involved in the community and helping to run workgroups.
  • Vision Statement - Awaiting feedback from the StC. It’s published on open-services.net, but not promoted. Part of this Vision Statement was going to be included in what we discuss at the ICE conference. Might be good to revisit what we can do with integrating with other standards to help grow this community.

  • Scorecard - Need to create a weekly schedule for information to be updated on the OSLC community, linkedin, and twitter feeds. The release of the 3.0 core standards, the CCM specification is entering the public review soon, and the starting of a new technical community. Jim should have the information on when these things will be available, so that we’ll know when we can start promoting them.

Action Items

  • Kalena :: Confirm with Michelle if there’s an event on Wednesday and if it would be possible to promote our event at the Wine and Chocolate event. Also, ask Michelle if we can have our presentation on Tuesday or Wednesday.

  • Kalena :: Ask the Communication members their opinion on when we should have the event.

  • Jane :: Put together a budget and send it to this group for the recommendation to be sent to the StC.

  • Rainer :: Provide Kalena 1-2 paragraphs to help promote the presentation by the end of the week (08/26/2016).

  • Kalena :: Provide regular updates on registration numbers, so the team will know how to plan for OSLC reception.

  • Kalena :: Check with Nelson on whether we should start promoting the Vision Statement. Once I receive approval, announce it on linkedin and twitter.

  • Kalena :: Check with Ginny to see if we’re able to obtain metrics on specific items we’re posting to promote the events, Vision statement, recordings, blogs, etc.