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This is a list of videos of OSLC demos. If the demo is part of a larger video, also provide the starting and ending timestamps of the demo. If there are more than one demo in a larger video, make multiple entries for each demo.

Demo (Name & Link) Timestamps (Start & End) Description
OSLC Reconciliation, just works 28:00 - 32:40 ICARO demonstrates how they use OSLC Reconciliation to provide federated view of configuration data from multiple tools
CESAR - Concurrent engineering for systems based on OSLC
EverOpen - Linking EverNote to Rational CLM using OSLC
IBM: Integrating IBM Rational Requirements and HP ALM with Rational Lifecycle Adapters
Tasktop: Sync - Linking IBM RRC to HP Quality Center & ALM with OSLC
IBM: Using OSLC to integrate JIRA with the Rational solution for Collaborative Lifecycle Management
Kovair: Connect IBM JAZZ OSLC tools with Popular ALM Tools – HPQC, TFS and JIRA 23:00-?