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Communications Workgroup Ideas List

Kicked off by Rainer Ersch:

1.) Support statement:
I like the statement, Uri told us about and the SPRINT project has on their home page: “SPRINT formally endorses OSLC (Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration)”
How about standardizing this with a logo like “OSLC inside”, “powered by OSLC” (new ideas required)
organizations can download from
Do you have access to a designer who could make a proposal for such a logo (text and design)?

2.) Buttons for events
OSLC community members going to conferences or events, they could show their support for OSLC be wearing button
like the one I made for the Innovate conference (see attached)
@all: Is “OSLC rocks” a good theme? Any other proposals?
I copied the design from another button (see attachment 2 – which is a true statement too). Do you think we need to check legal aspects if we use this design?
I got it here:
Do you have any experiences with such issues. Same questions as above “access to a designer” to design our own?

3.) OSLC Summit
To launch our “Manifesto” (which we should not call “Manifesto” to have something unique), we should think about an event (OSLC Summit), inviting analyst, press, etc.
If possible, this should be independent of any IBM event to show our openness. We could combine this with workgroup face-to-face meetings
to give the specifications a push. There are many topics which are hard to discuss in 1h sessions every second week.

4.) Supporting letters and testimonies
Should we host them on the Communication Workgroup Wiki (for now). This would give us as workgroup the flexibility to add things without going through the OSLC Webmaster?

Please add your ideas / comments below:

From Uri Shani:

Firstly, lets share the suggested "we have interest in OSLC" letter wording. Perhaps putting it in the wiki with instructions on "How to show your support/endorsement of OSLC". I guess a page with this name will be handy.
Secondly, we can take up the graphical challenge - some others may as well and we can than vote for the best one: the "OSLC inside" logo, and the "OSLC Rocks" button".

SeanKennedy - 25 Oct 2011:

Truly, I don't mind "manifesto", it is used for many docs, and unless we change the wording on the wiki page, it parallels the Agile Manifesto in its content, so why not in name ...
As far as a slogan goes, I think we should consider something that alludes to integration, maybe "Ready for Integration, with OSLC" (where "with OSLC" is in some other font). Similarly: "OSLC: Ready To Integrate", plainly: "Ready To Integrate".

UriShani - 25 Oct 2011:

Attached a logos/buttons suggestions file.

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