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OSLC Communications User Group October 11, 2016



  • IBM CE Summit

    • FACE to FACE StC MEETING - Currently scheduled for Wednesday, November 16, 2016 3-5 PM at the Veranda Grill.
    • RECEPTION - The Veranda Grill is large enough to host the face-to-face and reception, but need to verify if the room is available. Rainer prefers to host this event during a time and place that doesn’t conflict with the hours and location of the exhibition hall. Jane responded the exhibit hours are 10 AM -7 PM on Wednesday. Therefore, the preference is to host a reception in that space from 5:30-7 PM. Our booth should be with Mentor Graphics and TaskTop, so we should have enough space. Initially planned for 50-75 people, but may have more people if we’re doing it in the same space as the exhibit hall. Jane will have a food and beverage budget available at the upcoming StC meeting next week.
    • PRESENTATION - Rainer has not heard from Moshe, so Kalena will follow up. Kalena did request the presentation is scheduled in a Tue or Wed timeslot.
    • COMMUNITY UPDATE - Schedule 2-3 weeks after the conference and record the virtual meeting if unable to record Rainer’s presentation.
    • AXEL’S PRESENCE - Mark has not received an email response, so Bill is checking to see if he has his phone number.
    • BIRD OF A FEATHER - Rainer would like to pursue this option, so Kalena will further discuss with Michelle.
    • ADDITIONAL PRESENTATION - Mark has a potential presentation he may like to present on CCM at ICE. He will investigate whether he has to obtain additional approval, but will provide me an abstract to submit to Michelle and Moshe to see if he could fit into the Best Practices for Continuous Engineering.
    • AD SPACE - Requesting a draft of the ad by October 23rd. We have a half page ad, but need to clarify the size. Bill assumes it’s going to be a 5x7 ad and he can help create a draft of the ad.
    • PROMOTION PLANS - Kalena would like to send regular updates to the community promoting our ICE presence, so Rainer will provide an abstract to send to the community.
    • Michelle said that OASIS can provide Jim Amsden a pass, but the preference is that it goes to a non-IBMer.
  • Vision Statement - This is a FYI to be shared with the community.

  • Scorecard - The workgroup would like a baseline of the page views right now and then would like to see if there are changes after the Vision Statement is released and after the ICE conference. Rainer suggested when time allows, we further investigate the analytics to understand which metrics we should pull that would allow us to see the trends.

  • Other 2016 Events - Requesting Bill and Mark to write a short blog on GPDIS and Rainer on ProStep that we could publicize about the events. Kalena will follow up with Jim on the All Things Open conference. Kalena will also follow up with Beth on the Southern Fried Agile Conference. Kalena will update this page accordingly.

  • OSLC Community Clean Up - The old specifications will become obsolete when we move to the OASIS Domain TC. Need to clarify which process is valid. Joint effort with OSLC Domain TC. Bill will continue to lead.

Action Items

  1. Kalena will follow up with Moshe on when he’s contacting the speakers in his track as to when the presentations are due and when they’re scheduled.
  2. Bill/Mark will continue trying to contact Axel and receive a response as to whether he plans on attending ICE.
  3. Kalena will discuss with Michelle the Birds of a Feather lunch option.
  4. Mark will check whether he needs to obtain additional approval for his proposed CCM presentation.
  5. Bill will help create a draft of the ad for the ICE booklet.
  6. Rainer will provide an abstract to Kalena to be used to promote our presence at ICE.
  7. Kalena will get a baseline of the page views and then monitor the changes after the Vision statement and ICE conference.
  8. Kalena will follow up with conference attendees to request blogs discussing their conference attendance.
  9. Bill will continue to lead the community clean up.