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Here is a collection of quotes about OSLC that can be found on the web. It should be a good source of material for people who need to build presentations. If you are an OSLC Member (i.e. you have signed the Members Agreement), please add any additional quotes you area aware of. If you are not an OSLC Member but know of a quote, please email the OSLC Communications WG mailing list (oslc-communications@open-services.net).

The “headlines” are an attempt to summarize the quote. A source is provided for all quotes. If you plan to add another quote, follow the template at the bottom of the list (and keep the template at the bottom of the list).


Businesses benefit from flexibility

With OSLC’s open and scenario-based approach, businesses benefit from the ability to tie disparate tools together. This collaborative approach gives our consultants the flexibility to make lifecycle tool choices based on specific client project demands.

Randy Vogel, Accenture

Source: Original OSLC website

Achieving interoperability through common specifications

OSLC is focused on interoperability across technology implementations - a challenge best addressed through common specifications and standards.

Laurent Lachal, Ovum Open Source Research Director

Source: Original OSLC website

Integrations for less

The Eclipse Mylyn project integrates tasks from more than thirty independent desktop and web products. Keeping up with that sometimes borders on the insane. OSLC offers us a way forward for doing these integrations in a simpler and cheaper way.

Mik Kersten, Tasktop CEO and Mylyn Project Lead

Source: Original OSLC website

OSLC vision

With OSLC, we’re applying best practices in the Internet to the area of lifecycle tools, essentially transforming lifecycle resources into “hyper-data”, just like hypertext enables fully connected, flexible content.

John Wiegand, IBM Distinguished Engineer, OSLC Steering Committee Chair

Source: Original OSLC website

Data producers and consumers both win

So there’s a big business benefit to both the producers and the consumers of the OSLC APIs. The producers get to create a standard API that a variety of tools can build on and can create high—very high quality integrations for, whether its integrations of the IDE or integrations with mobiles devices for non-programmers to access. And then you can see the benefit that results for the consumers of the APIs. They get a consistent user experience across all of their ALM technologies, and they get state of the art tool support, even for legacy systems they can’t yet migrate from.

Mik Kersten, Tasktop CEO and Mylyn Project Lead

Source: IBMRational YouTube video

Key part of larger platform architecture for interoperability

Since July 2011, the European research project SPRINT (http://www.sprint-iot.eu/), a consortium of seven partners from industry, research organisations and tool vendors, has chosen OSLC as a key part of its platform architecture for interoperability.

The SPRINT project

Source: Endorsement Letter (OSLC blog)

Key part of larger interoperability specification

The European research project CESAR, a part of the ARTEMISA-JU and a consortium of more than 55 partners from industry, academia, and research organizations, has chosen OSLC as a key part for its interoperability specification

The CESAR project

Source: Endorsement Letter (OSLC blog)

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