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OSLC Poster #1 2013


  1. Send OASIS Logo and details to Sean [Jane]
  2. Prepare draft Poster template with new data [Sean]
  3. Update specification overview/status [Sean]
  4. Prepare two posters addressing different stakeholders: Developers [Steve S.], General [Parham V.]

OSLC General Presentation

Purpose: The Comms-UG provide a template which is mandatory for working groups to use. The template includes general information, allowing others (working groups, individuals) to add their own content

  1. Send OASIS Logo and details to Sean [Jane]
  2. Update the existing Poster with the new content [Sean]
  3. PREZI - Prepare a presentation which is compatible with the interactive capabilities of the website [Optional, Sean]

Conferences to present OSLC


  1. Update list with presenters [Parham V.]
  2. Add new conferences [Sean]
    • International Cloud Symposium - EuroCloud Congress Luxemburg, Jane - OSLC Poster, 15.10.2013
    • Workshop in Toronto, Sean - OSLC Poster, 18.-20.11.2013
  3. Create a link to our conference website on the OSLC page [Sean]

OSLC Conference 2014

Feedback from last time:

  • We need more structured communication to other stakeholders (i.e. StC)
  • Provide work plans early to stakeholders to have visibility of our progress
  • Our first conference should be Co-Located to minimize the risk.

  • Involvement/Actions for the StC [Jane]:

    • To what level do we need to involve the StC in the planning?
    • Discuss our proposal with the StC


  1. Involvement/Actions for the StC [Jane]
    1. Prepare a communication pack for the StC, 13.09.2013 [Jane, Sean, Parham]
    2. Prepare a communication strategy including the diff. groups, such as “Communications WG”, “Program Com.”, “StC.”
  2. Identify conferences in 2014 for Co-Locate the OSLC Connect [Comms. WG]