HistoryViewLinks to this page 2017 November 14 | 12:26 pm

OSLC Communications User Group November 14, 2017


  • Attendees

    • Brian King
    • Rainer Ersch
    • Bill Chown
    • Jim Amsden
  • Site and News (Brian)

    • Announcement
    • Brian is leaving Koneksys, effective tomorrow. Will be moving slowly away from OSLC Community Management. Will be around for a few weeks to provide light support as needed.
    • Handing off to Gabriel, and Axel.
    • Bill will take over handling these meetings in the short-term.
    • Site
    • PLEASE evaluate the site at http://oslc.co and contribute at https://github.com/OSLC/oslc-site-hugo/issues
    • Launch in a couple of weeks, once content changes finalized.
    • Brian to make a draft with Gabriel of launch plan, test things that we don’t want breaking.
    • Updates on hosting costs
    • Report submitted to OASIS, Cathie responded.
    • It has been approved, and we now have a process in place for reimbursements.
    • Merchandise
    • Price comparison: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Tkj7LKtXFGVdJwOMW6SlXuzkYhAqDToHfPfPrGt4PnM/edit?usp=sharing
    • No order placed
    • Missed out on most of the major events this year.
    • There will still be other events
    • StC will vote on expense
    • Jane at OASIS agreed to take the order
    • Branding assets issue: https://github.com/OSLC/logo/issues/5
  • OSLC Member Spending Section (Mark)

    • StC is taking care of this.
    • This group decides what to spend the money on
    • Will possibly be using some for spec editing services
  • OSLC Specification Status (Jim)

    • From last meeting….
    • Plan in place for where to host/archive all versions, but not fully implemented yet
    • For page listing on new site, follow along in the github issue
    • ACTION: Jim to follow-up on questions in the issue
    • 4 TCs condensed to 2 at OASIS - reorganizing
    • Still looking for resources to do translations to OASIS versions
    • This meeting
    • Good news, progress has picked up
    • More active editors for specs now - Axel Reichwein, David Honey, Jad, Gray Bachelor
    • 3 categories:
    1. New : Config Mgmt mostly
    2. Updates to Core (to go into 3.0), with new additions
    3. Migrations from open-services.net - domain specifications
    • Blog post on open-services.net advisable - should be on new site.
    • TODO: Brian - Create Specifications category on News
    • TODO: Jim - file issue for blog post
  • Datasheet Update (Brian)

  • 2017 Events

    • Identify upcoming events that we should participate at?
  • Any Other Business

    • A healthy conversation about the Apple ecosystem!
    • Alumni event
    • Rainer and Nelson are coordinating. Would be nice to have site live by then!!
    • Use meetup.com for event page
    • Where else can we put it - oslc.co
    • TODO: Brian to create issue for landing page to promote the event