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Recommended Events for 2016

Name Contact Date Description
OASIS OSLC Community Update StC 1H2016 Webinar
PTC LiveWorx Martin Sarabura June 6-9, 2016 Event Details
Crystal final Event Rainer June 14+15, 2016 Final review open to the public [No Associated Costs]
HP Discover Beth June, 2016 Tasktop had a presence there. There were various integration discussions, including around OSLC.
INCOSE Bill July 18-27, Edinborough Scotland Bill Chown will be attending this.
GPDIS Mark, Bill Sep 26-29 Focus on presentations & connection
Prostep iViP OASIS Workshop Rainer TBD (October) Very positive event in 2015
IBM Continuous Engineering (ICE) Summit Kalena November 15-17 Silver Sponsorship negotiated via OASIS, StC FTF, Reception, Presentation, booth Event Details

Potential Events for 2016

Name Contact Date Description
All Things Open Kalena October 2016 Open Source & Standards
Southern Fried Agile Beth October 26, Charlotte, NC Agile Events and Meet-ups Event Details. Tasktop will have a limited presence there Beth will report back to us on what went on at this Conference.

Events to Skip for 2016 Note: These are all good event but not a good fit for OSLC at this moment

  • Interconnect (Amit, Tasktop will be there as OSLC representatives)
  • EclipseCon France, EclipseCon Europe
  • JavaOne
  • Dreamforce - too large, very salesforce focused https://www.salesforce.com/form/dreamforce/prereg/

Potential Events for 2017

Name Contact Date Description
Industrial Internet Consortium TBD Dec 4-8, Burlingame CA Mark attend a co-loacated OMG event and recommends adding this to our list for 2017, refer to http://www.iiconsortium.org/members.htm
ALM Forum TBD TBD There was no ALM Forum Event in 2016. Saving on our list to look at as a possibility for 2017
ProStep Workshop Martin, Rainer January 2017 1 day workshop

References: In addition to this page, events may be recorded at [OASIS OSLC Steering Committee Conferences and Events][10]

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