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The goal of this effort is to define a common set of resources, formats and RESTful services for Quality Management tools to interact with other ALM tools. This includes test execution tools such as functional and performance test tools in addition to source control, defect management, and code development tools.


The specifications will be developed iteratively by first prioritizing scenarios and focusing on a minimal set of key scenarios. Once these scenarios have been satisfied by specification and proof of implementation, more scenarios will be considered.

Specification Documents

1.0 (Finalized)

Quality Management 1.0

2.0 (Finalized)

Document Version Status
OSLC-QM 2.0 Specification 2.0 Final
OSLC-QM 2.0 Specification ISSUES 2.0 Catalog of issues

Supporting Documents

Document Status
RDFS Vocabulary for V2 FINAL
V1 Quality Management Scenarios and Use Cases n/a
V2 Quality Management Scenarios and Use Cases n/a
Test Execution Adapter Specification Early Draft


Spec Version Identify Scenarios Introduce Topic Complete Scenarios Final Drafts Spec Convergence Finalize
1.0 Jul 22 2009 Aug 13 2009 Aug 28 2009 Oct 12 2009 Oct 21 2009 Nov 6 2009
2.0 Apr 28 2010 May 3 2010 May 12 2010 Jun 23 2010 Jul 7 2010 Jul 21 2010


Meeting Agendas and Minutes

As of May-2011

  • 2.0 specification finalized