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The OSLC Communications Working Group has designed a poster to support the dissemination of OSLC.

Please use the poster to present OSLC at your event. To achieve a harmonious way of dissemination and communication to others, it is recommended to keep the content and design of the poster stable. The content and design of the poster will be updated from time to time. However, we understand that for some events there is a need to customize at least the title or add some additional links. If this is the case for your event please download the PowerPoint? version and feel free to do so. Otherwise please use the PDF version.

OSLC Poster #1 2013

Actions to update the Poster: 1. Add OASIS [Jane] 2. Prepare two posters addressing different stakeholders: Developers [Steve S.], General [Parham V.] 3. Update Specification

OSLC Poster #1 2012

Format: DIN-A0, PDF: OSLC_POSTER_2012.pdf

Format: DIN-A0, PPT: OSLC_POSTER_2012.ppt

Note: Please do not change the content or design of the PowerPoint? version, but the title or web links if necessary.