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Welcome and Introduction


Meetings schedule, agendas and minutes

Preliminary Pattern Catalog

These are all examples of the Lifecycle Integration Patterns User Group to discuss the pattern principles. If the User Group is successful, the pattern catalog should get a prominent place on open-services.net.

Use the Pattern Template below as a guide to contribute your own patterns. All types of Lifecycle Integration Patterns are welcome including very high level business scenarios and highly detailed technical implementations. We will use the category field in the pattern template to organize and group patterns that are at a similar level of detail. If a lifecycle integration pattern is helpful for your organization, contribute it to the list of patterns so that others can benefit from it and to drive further discussion and evolution of the specifications.

Pattern template:

First Pattern examples:

  • Proxy Pattern [ prox ]
  • other Proxy Pattern [ prox1 ]
Pattern ID Pattern name Link to Pattern
100.001 Proxy Pattern [ prox ]
100.002 other Pattern [ prox1 ]

Pattern Categories:

  • Category 1
  • Category 2
  • Category 100 (preliminary for test)
  • low level patterns
  • business patterns