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OSLC Communications User Group November 8, 2016



  • IBM CE Summit

    • OSLC PRESENTATIONS - Kalena will check with Jane to see if she’s able to make 5x7 postcards of these (250 copies) to be placed at our booth and in all of the OSLC related sessions.
    • WEDNESDAY RECEPTION - We verbally approved our $3K budget towards our Meet and Greet. Michelle is also adding additional funds that will provide food and beverage for attendees. If drink tickets are provided, they will be located at the OASIS booth for us to hand out.
    • EXHIBITION BOOTH - We will plan to be at the booth during the evening hours. Kalena will plan to put the booth together.
    • BIRDS OF A FEATHER LUNCHEON - Rainer, Mark, Martin, and Axel will attend if space allows. Kalena extended invitations to BigLever, Axel, and Modelone. Modelone accepted. We will also have a Tasktop rep for this luncheon.
  • OSLC Community Update - Next Steering Committee is planned for F2F on Wednesday, November 16th 3-5 PM at Veranda Grill. We will move forward with using this time to synch up on what we’ve heard at the conference thus far and synch up on plans for the Meet and Greet and Thursday’s Birds of a Feather luncheon.

    • Will plan to discuss the Community Update in more detail at the next Steering Committee meeting in December, but will plan to have this update in mid-late January 2017.


  1. Kalena will confirm with Michelle whether there are 2 sessions being held in the Queen’s Salon during Rainer’s Wed presentation.
  2. Kalena will confirm with Michelle that we are moving forward with the Wednesday reception.
  3. Kalena will talk to Jane and confirm what she’s able to print out and ship to the conference.
  4. Kalena will print out 10 BoF invitations to give to Mark and Rainer to hand out during the conference.
  5. Kalena will talk to Nelson about updating the meeting invite.