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Idea: Host a hospitality suite at the IBM Innovate 2012 conference.

The suite will be for people attending the conference who have participated/contributed to OSLC, and their guests. The suite will be by invitation only, there will be tickets distributed by volunteers to OSLC participants who are attending the conference.

The suites goals are to

  1. Allow many people who work together, virtually, on OSLC to meet face-to-face.
  2. Provide an opportunity to have discussions with potential participants in a relaxed social setting.
  3. Generate some buzz around OSLC amongst the larger Innovate crowd (there's nothing like an invitation-only party to make people feel like they want to join!).

Some event details

We will use a suite that has been booked by IBM Rational for various activities throughout the conference. The suite holds 50-60 people.

The event will take place from 8-10 PM on the Tuesday of the conference (June 5).


To help share costs for the event amongst the OSLC Community, but also to avoid having to pass money to a central organizer, we're going to have each person/organization who wishes to sponsor the event sign up to ensure a certain item(s) is at the suite for the party. I (SeanKennedy) will complete the details of the list so that the price and contact info for ordering the item are all included - the goal being to make it as simple as possible for people to sponsor items.

Looking to order food platters from the resort, see:

Item Cost (USD, estimate) Ordering Instructions Sponsor
Drinks, napkins, ice, cups, garbage bags TBD special trip Sean Kennedy
Tickets, banner(s), pamphlets TBD prepare ahead of time Sean Kennedy
Veggie platter      
Fruit platter      
Meet platter      
Chips platter      
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