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Members Agreement

Complete the Members Agreement to:

  • ✔ Join OSLC Workgroups
  • ✔ Propose a new Workgroup
  • ✔ Represent OSLC at trade shows and events
  • ✔ Vote in Steering Committee elections
  • ✔ Nominate yourself for the Steering Committee

For more information, see the Participation FAQ.

Complete the Members Agreement

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Workgroup Participation Agreements

Complete a Workgroup Participation Agreement (WPA) to:

  • ✔ Contribute to specification development
  • ✔ Vote in Workgroup decisions
  • ✔ Contribute to the wiki for a workgroup

You must complete a WPA for each workgroup that you want to join. For more information, see the Participation FAQ and Workgroup Best Practices.

You must complete the Members Agreement before you can join any Workgroups.

View a sample Workgroup Participation Agreement

Workgroup WPA
ALM-PLM Interoperability (1st edition) View
Architecture Management View
Asset Management View
Automation View
Change Management View
Configuration Management View
Core View
Estimation and Measurement View
Performance Monitoring View
Quality Management View
Reconciliation View
Requirements Management View