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Active new specification work for Configuration Management has transitioned to OASIS as the OASIS OSLC-CCM Technical Committee (TC)



See the Configuration Management Charter page.


See the Configuration Management Terminology page, and the Configuration Management Resource Definitions page. This specification references the emerging work of W3C Linked Data Platform.

See also some legacy Baseline properties proposed by the Core workgroup.


See Configuration Management Issues for a list of open issues.


See Configuration Management Scenarios for scenarios.


See Configuration Management Meetings for details on meeting minutes.


A draft specification is currently under construction at OASIS, using as seed documents the material in the pages Configuration Management Terminology, Configuration Management Resource Definitions, and Configuration Operations.

Document Version Status
None yet

Working Documents

Document Status
Configuration Management Terminology Superseded by OASIS draft spec
Configuration Management Resource Definitions Superseded by OASIS draft spec
Configuration Operations Superseded by OASIS draft spec
Snapshots With Resource Rewriting Obsolete - Legacy from Core workgroup
Snapshots Using Resource State Obsolete - Legacy from Core workgroup

The last two documents are legacy proposals from the Core workgroup: one involves resource rewriting to create new resources that are specific to versions or snapshots of individual resources across multiple service providers, and the other creates snapshot states for a set of resources from a single service provider. Neither of these is necessarily the approach to be used by this workgroup, but they are referenced so we can see what ground has already been covered.

RELM 1.0 RDF Specification, as an example of RDF handling versions, variants, and version skew
PROV Model Primer
Provenance WG homepage
PROV-O: The PROV Ontology
HSUV example in Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager

Mailing List

Configuration Management mailing list