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OSLC Communications User Group January 10, 2017

Agenda and Discussion

  • OSLC Community Update - Plan for this to happen in mid-February. Make sure to invite the Steering Committee. Will host this via a web conference where Rainer will present his ICE presentation. Schedule this for 60 mins. Leverage the OASIS CORE specification release as the main announcement (and possibly the CCM if it’s ready in time) to drive participation. Rainer will be out the week of February 20th.

    • ACTION - Kalena will check with Jim and Martin on their opinion about using this specification as the driver for the community update.
    • ACTION - Kalena will check to see if IBM has an announcement they would like to make at this meeting.
  • IBM CE Summit - Do we want to provide a summary to send out to the community? Depending on what’s discussed at the next Steering Committee meeting, we may have something to present, but not sure we have anything specific to call out. Proposal from Martin on contacting our users more, but will discuss at the next Steering Committee mtg. We should plan to attend the 2017 ICE conference and discuss later what types of events we want to sponsor at the conference.

    • ACTION - Kalena will follow up with Michelle about locations for 2017 ICE events. Beth mentioned that Michelle asked whether Tasktop (Beth) and Siemens (Rainer) would support a Germany event
  • Community Revamp - Do we want to replace our current community? Socious is the company that currently runs IBM’s User Community, https://www.imwuc.org/. Their sites are user friendly and supports IBM’s plan to consolidate things. Axel proposed hiring a full time community manager that handles parts of our community. Also provide a forum for this person to manage and respond.

  • Datasheet Update - We need to update this datasheet to highlight things are community is doing, so that all companies want to share this at conferences. Have a datasheet or collateral that shows the partner ecosystem collaboration of the community. The following are actions:

    • Should update the current Members list to at least show the most active companies within the community. Include their logo and support statement.
    • Rainer suggested each company should have its own copy of the datasheet where they can add their logo and describe their support of OSLC that they can share
    • Remove the automation group - Rainer will provide another update to the content and Kalena will also ask Mark for his updates
    • Mark suggested we have a page from our community that lists the companies that support OSLC and also provide a description of how they support
    • We should provide guidance on how the datasheet can be updated and used by companies within the community
  • Scorecard - What are our goals? Why do we want to track things on the community?

  • 2017 Events - IIC has been talking a lot about interoperability and Mark will let us know when the next event will be held. They want to meet with the OMG group that has quarterly events. Once it’s announced Mark will let us know.

    • Not sure there will be an ALM Forum Event for 2017
    • ProStep Workshop is ongoing that happens quarterly. Rainer will represent OSLC in these meetings.
    • InterConnect – Tasktop is discussing their presence, so this will be a place where the company focused datasheet will be helpful. ACTION Kalena will check into the rules for the passes for 2017 conference speakers (especially for BPs). Kalena should check to see if any other partners plan on attending or having a presence.
    • ICE 2017
  • Organizational and Consortium Relationships – We should keep track of which organizations and consortiums we want to build relationships, but this should be driven by the Steering Committee.

  • OSLC Community Clean Up - Mark sent an email with numerous suggested improvements. Rainer suggested not investing a lot of time in this effort until we determine what we’re going to do with a new community. The workgroups are in the process of moving to OASIS, so shouldn’t spend a lot of time on this effort. Should update the general information.