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Communications WG Meeting on Friday 30 November 2012, 16:00 GMT / 11:00 EST.

Virtual meeting details



Main topics are around follow-up discussions on Steering Committee Actions:
1. Communications Tool-Kit (General Presentation of OSLC,…)
2. Rise awareness of OSLC (Conferences where OSLC shall be presented,…)
3. Publishing articles with OSLC related content (suggested by Rainer)


  • Parham Vasaiely, EADS
  • Andy Gurd, IBM
  • Sean Kennedy, IBM
  • Deanna Shaw, IBM
  • Allan Behrens, Taxal


Introductions: Allan Behrens is joining the meeting for the first time. He works for Taxal, as an analyst and consulting company. Looks at PLM and ALM from a industry point of view, not a technology guru. Hopes his work in the Communications WG will be to help get others to join.

TODO: Sean to start a private page for contact info

1. Communications Tool-Kit (General Presentation of OSLC,…)

  • Parham’s vision:
    1. We need the message of OSLC on 2-3 Slides then it shall be space for WG to put their own content.
    2. Each WG shall prepare content for their own version of the Communication Tool-Kit!
  • Allan: it really is important for each WG to have some simple, approachable explanation of what it does, it should be meaningful to non-technical folks too
  • Allan: RE personas, vendors, really broken into tool authors and tool sellers, not necessarily the same people
    • Tool Buyer -> client executive
    • just User for the 4th
    • there is some common value statement and description of OSLC that applies to all, you then only need an additional sentence (or less) for each of the personas
  • Sean: how about we designate a group to work on writing this common value statement and something for the personas
    • Allan, Andy, Sean
    • will work by email between meetings, can review at our next WG meeting

2. Rise awareness of OSLC (Conferences where OSLC shall be presented,…)

  • Parham’s vision:
    1. Discuss general list of conferences discussed by you during the steering board meeting
    2. WG leader shall prepare a list of related working groups for their own domain
  • Andy: this is a really good idea
  • Parham:
  • Allan: easy to turn people already attending conferences into people presenting at conferences
  • Andy: there might be an opportunity to have people already submitting something to a particular conference to submit another more about OSLC
    • Sean: can also be helping people touch on OSLC in the talk they’re already planning to give
  • Andy: at IBM we have a “speaker’s bureau”; can connect with the leader to get a list of people already lined up to speak at conferences
    • Andy will follow up on this
  • Sean: the work:
    • fill up the wiki page with more conferences
    • ask WG leads to discuss this in their WG meetings
    • Parham will own
      • will add a column “applicability” where related specs (or general) can be discussed

3. Publishing articles with OSLC related content (suggested by Rainer)

  • Parham: we need a statement that we can share to website/magazines as an article about OSLC:
    • e.g. www.zdnet.com or www.heise.de to present OSLC
    • we could provide the content, we could do interviews
  • Allan: my experience: the Press will publish things that are interesting, not really sure a general article will be interesting to them
    • another approach is to make sure that the Press knows who to talk to if they have questions about OSLC, whether it is general, or domain specific
    • the way they often work is for you to issue a press release, then they either write an article, or print it as is
  • Parham: yes, you get one chance at a first impression, and you want to make it successful
    • we need a breakthrough when we go to the press
    • perhaps there is something from the Lyo community that could be used
    • also the LDP WG work, could be of interest too
  • Allan: usually you need to have the PR written by a pro in the field
  • Parham: leave this open for now, there is still more to discuss

Action Items

  1. Sean: create a private page for sharing contact info
  2. Sean: arrange kick-off for Allan, Andy, and Sean to start work on writing a common value statement for OSLC and something for the personas
  3. Andy: follow up with IBM speaker’s bureau
  4. Parham: expand list of conferences, contact each WG lead for input and to have them discuss at a WG meeting