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OSLC Communications User Group Meeting March 14, 2017

Agenda and Discussion

  • Community Revamp - Bill and Axel will work together to plan/organize this activity. In addition, need to discuss the current funding of the open-services.net site - should be moved from IBM paying for it to the OSLC Community. Axel is still in search of a community manager.

    • IBM will continue paying for the current open-services.net site as we figure out the plan for the community revamp. We will revisit this topic in a couple of months if it takes longer than expected to launch an updated site. ACTION Will revisit in May.
    • OSLC Community Clean Up - Mark sent an email with numerous suggested improvements. Kalena will implement the simple clean up items, but this will be revisited once we start planning to create the new site.
  • OSLC Community Update - Waiting for the Core and CCM specification to be released to use this as the main topic for the update. Core specification should have a committee specification in March and the CCM should be going to public review sometime around April. Will target May for the update if the specifications hold their dates.

  • Datasheet Update - We need to update this datasheet to highlight things are community is doing, so that all companies want to share this at conferences. – Kalena has received updates from Rainer and Mark. Kalena will check to see if we can get the source of the document from Jane.

  • 2017 Events – What events do we want to support/fund in 2017? Is there an Industrial Consortium event in 3Q2017? Mark updated the events on the site.

    • ACTION - Kalena will also ask Axel if he’s aware of events we should have a presence.
    • Kalena will follow up with Michelle on ICE 2017 plans, but tentative plans is for a November event in Nashville, TN or Tampa, FL. ACTION - Allocate funds to celebrate the 10th year of OSLC
    • Industrial Internet Consortium in Dec. 2017
    • DevOps Enterprise Summit (DOES) Nov 2017 in San Francisco – Tasktop is going to be a sponsor
    • Siemens/PLM event in May? ACTION - Bill is planning on attending and will find out more who’s running it and what are possibilities for us to have a presence.
    • ACTION - Kalena will research the funding of pens, mini-notebooks, trinkets that are easy to export to events and have something prepared for next week’s Steering Committee meeting. Kalena will talk to Jane about possibilities.
  • Proposed Addition to the Mission Statement - State that OSLC endeavors to have a minimal-coupling methodology where it maximizes opportunity for integration. Jim thought this really wasn’t a vision thing since we ought not to limit what others can do. This type of message can be announced and discussed in forums, etc. Also noted was that there’s a open-services.net discussion on this very subject.

    • ACTION - Kalena will check with Nelson and Jim as to what was suppose to be discussed at the Comm WG
  • Scorecard - What are our goals? Why do we want to track things on the community?