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The goal of this effort is to define a common set of software estimation and measurement resources, their representation formats, and a RESTful Web service API for accessing them for in the context of software project management to enable the collaboration of multiple tools that provide and consume estimates across the development lifecycle.


As of 2013-02-27

  • The Performance Monitoring specification is using a subset of terms from the EMS Vocabulary. We will propose to move this subset of term to the Finalization stage
  • Progress on implementations has been suspended pending resource availability.
  • The mailing list is being used for implementation discussion.
  • Implementation Status is being used to report implementation status.
  • Telecons will be held as required for discussion.
  • Metric Definitions is complete.
  • Use Cases is complete.
  • REST API is in the convergence phase.


The specifications will be developed by:

  1. establishing Use Cases,
  2. collecting common Metrics Definitions,
  3. developing a Primer to illustrate and elaborate the use cases, and
  4. specifying the REST API in full detail for implementors.

Working Documents

Refer to Working Documents for the list of working documents and related design considerations.

Document Status
Use Cases Draft Specification
Metrics Definitions Draft Specification
Primer Draft Specification
REST API Draft Specification


Scenario Introduce Topic Complete Scenario Create Draft Specs Start Convergence Finalize V1.0 Specs
Initiating 2009-04-21 2009-07-17 2009-12-04 2010-06-04 Open
Monitoring and Controlling 2009-04-21 2009-10-16 2010-01-15 2010-06-04 Open
Reestimating 2009-04-21 2009-10-16 2010-04-02 2010-06-04 Open
Closing 2009-04-21 2009-10-16 2010-04-02 2010-06-04 Open
Calibrating 2009-04-21 2009-10-16 2010-04-02 2010-06-04 Open


Specification comments and issues

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