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OSLC Communications User Group February 14, 2017

Agenda and Discussion

  • Proposed Addition to the Mission Statement - State that OSLC endeavors to have a minimal-coupling methodology where it maximizes opportunity for integration. Jim thought this really wasn’t a vision thing since we ought not to limit what others can do. This type of message can be announced and discussed in forums, etc. Also noted was that there’s a open-services.net discussion on this very subject.

    • ACTION - Kalena will check with Nelson and Jim as to what was suppose to be discussed at the Comm WG.
  • Community Revamp - Bill and Axel are suppose to work together to plan/organize this activity. In addition, need to discuss the current funding of the open-services.net site - should be moved from IBM paying for it to the OSLC Community. Bill also volunteered to be the primary contact. Rainer will follow up with Axel and Bill. Axel found someone who will manage the OSLC website (probably based on wordpress), but the person doesn’t write English very well, so will work to find someone else to manage the content. OSLC Community growth will lead to an increase in the need of services, which is Axel’s business.

    • IBM will continue paying for the current open-services.net site as we figure out the plan for the community revamp. We will revisit this topic in a couple of months if it takes longer than expected to launch an updated site
    • OSLC Community Clean Up - Mark sent an email with numerous suggested improvements. ACTION Kalena will implement the simple clean up items, but this will be revisited once we start planning to create the new site.
  • OSLC Community Update - What will be the main topic for this update? Wait for the Core and CCM specification to be released and use this as the main topic for the update. Rainer has asked Jim to put together some dates, so that we can start planning for the meeting. – Core specification should have a committee specification within a month the CCM should be going to public review sometime around April.

  • Datasheet Update - We need to update this datasheet to highlight things are community is doing, so that all companies want to share this at conferences.

    • ACTION Kalena has asked Rainer and Mark to review and provide their comments.
    • ACTION Kalena will check to see if we can get the source of the document from Jane.
  • Scorecard - What are our goals? Why do we want to track things on the community?

  • 2017 Events - There’s an Industrial Consortium event in March, but Mark will not be able to make it. There’s another Consortium event in December in California that Mark can try to attend. Rainer has brief contacts, but have not had a deeper conversation on how we could collaborate. Rainer prefers trying to have this discussion face-to-face. There’s a Berlin event during the summer, but Rainer will not be able to make it. Rainer suggested Mark check with Bill to see if there’s another meeting in 3Q2017 and what the best way is to approach them.

  • OSLC Community Clean Up - Mark sent an email with numerous suggested improvements.