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  • Tuesday 13 October 2015 at 11:00 am est
  • Phone: North America 888-426-6840, UK 0800-368-0638, Germany 0800-000-1018
  • Passcode:45077605
  • Communication User Group : http://open-services.net/workgroups/communications/
  • E-meeting : https://apps.na.collabserv.com/meetings/join?id=1951-1502 Password 8675309 (yes Tommy Tutone!)
  • Calendar invite (zip ics): File:CommUG_Reoccuring.zip (Please email ginnyb at us.ibm.com if you want a direct invite )


  • Review Action Items from past meetings
  • Event Planning and Results
    • GPDIS Event Report (Bill, Mark) - Please add to the Summary.
    • ProStep iViP Preparation (Rainer)
    • All Things Open (Ginny) : Jim Ruehlin and Ginny Ghezzo will be attending All Things Open with opportunities to discuss OSLC at the IBM Booth 34 and at Ginny’s session “Growth Hacking to Build Community” - http://allthingsopen.org/talks/growth-hacking-to-build-community/ . Ginny will write up a trip report after the event.
    • Ginny has created a template for events. However, ideally we would use another tool to track, search and report on events. A spreadsheet (google doc, excel) or tracking tool (Trello, Slack, Krumplr) might be better options. The wiki is the simplest.
  • Website improvement
  • Collateral