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Need to give a presentation about OSLC or Eclipse Lyo? Look here for some recommended slides to help you get started.

Have given a presentation on OSLC that others could use? Please contribute your efforts by uploading your presentation to the wiki and adding a link and description in the “contributions” section.


Reviewed and recommended

These have been reviewed by members of the OSLC Communications WG and are recommended for use.

OSLC Spring 2013 Update

Sean Kennedy

This presentation contains slides that provide background about OSLC as well as slides that provide the news since Spring 2012.

27 May 2013: File:OSLC_Spring_2013_Update.ppt


This is where you contribute presentation too, just copy the template below. Feel free to use presentations in this section, caveat emptor.

OSLC History Lesson

Sean Kennedy

One chart giving the highlights of the History of OSLC.

8 November 2013: File:OSLC_History_Lesson_v201310.ppt

4 October 2013: File:OSLC_History_Lesson_v1.ppt

OSLC at OASIS: status & outlook

Sean Kennedy

An overview of the present state of OSLC, especially with respect to the transition of technical work to OASIS, and a look at what’s coming in the near future and beyond.

8 November 2013: File:OSLC_at_OASIS_present_state_and_outlook_ _20131108.ppt

6 September 2013: File:OSLC_at_OASIS_present_state_and_outlook 20130906_v2.ppt

Presentation to build Goodwill for OSLC

Sean Kennedy

A “goodwill” presentation on some of the challenges facing today’s organizations and an open (libre) solution (OSLC) to an open (unsolved) problem (integration of lifecycle tools).

“Goodwill” meaning that the presentation should build “good will” amongst the audience for OSLC, because they learnt something they wanted to know more about. There is also the goal of influencing the audience’s opinion.

In this case the general learning messages are:

  1. what’s impacting the delivery lifecycle
  2. what some of the key trends are
  3. why those trends help, but also can hurt
  4. why they’re not enough to achieve the delivery goals
  5. that the integration problem is the common, underlying, and significant barrier to improving delivery
  6. that OSLC seeks to provide a solution to that problem
  7. where to learn more about OSLC

12 June 2013: File:Open_Technology_for_an_Open_Lifecycle.ppt

A selection of slides about OSLC and Eclipse Lyo

Sean Kennedy

A selection of slides explaining OSLC and Eclipse Lyo. This is not really a complete presentation.

24 October 2012: File:OSLC selections.ppt & File:OSLC selections_16x9.ppt