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September 8, 2015 - Communication Work Group Kickoff


  • Review Action Items from August 2015:
    • Update Charter (Bill Chown) - Refresh the OSLC Communication User Group Charter
    • (Done) Ongoing Meetings (Ginny Ghezzo) - Meetings will be Second Tuesday of the month at 11:00 EST. Note, Can not upload a .ics. Instead using .zip. Quesiton Would current attendees want a direct invite?
    • (Done) -Recruit Additional participants to the CommWG (All) - Ginny will write up a Blog and post the results to the forum, the mailing list, linkedIn and Twitter. Encourage everyone to use it to recruit others. Note: Limited success
    • (Ongoing) GPDIS SubTeam (Bill, Mark, Ginny) - Create a subgroup to work on plans and results of the September meeting.


Attendees: Rainer Ersch(Siemens), Beth Beese (Tasktop), Ginny Ghezzo (IBM)


  • Communication Work Group Charter - Ginny will follow up with Bill Chown to see how it is progressing. Target discussion on mailing list (Bill\Ginny
  • Confirm the Communication WG has ownership of the open-services.net website and can make updates including (Ginny)
    • Change Workgroups to User Group
    • Reorder Workgroups to have active ones on top
    • Rename Blog to News
    • Identify Top Priority through Google analytic. Start focus on Blog, Resources and Workgroups
  • Create a useful calendar to identify, plan and record events (Ginny)
  • Create a subgroup to focus on website clean up (TBD)

Next Call : October 13, 2015