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On the kick-off call for the Communications WG there was some discussion of creating a manifesto, similar to the Agile Manifesto, for OSLC.

Here is an effort to provide a manifesto for open integrations from an end user/implementer perspective. Currently it is a draft in need of comment, please comment on this wiki page in the section below.

Manifesto for Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration

We are uncovering better ways of integrating software and making it easier for others to do the same.
Through this work we have come to value:

Open and generally available data instead of proprietary point-to-point integrations
Scenario-driven specifications instead of exhaustive standards
Public discussion and debate instead of backroom dealing
Responding to the needs of the community instead of following the agenda of a single member


  • Sean Kennedy, 6 Oct 2011 - maybe a more descriptive name is: Manifesto for Open Software Integration
    • I also like how it implies these ideals are more general
  • Steve Speicher, 6 Oct 2011 - I prefer the name: "Manifesto for Open Application Integration" or "Manifesto for Open Tools Integration"
    • At first read "Open Software" read as "Open Source" which we want to avoid
    • Sean Kennedy, 13 Oct 2011 - how about "Manifesto for Open Integrations" ?
  • Sean Kennedy, 22 Nov 2011 - have heard people say that "manifesto" seems too "preachy" ... what if we called this the "The OSLC Ethos for Integrations"
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