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Core 2.0 Finalization issues

This section tracks issues during and after finalization, some of which have been or will be reflected in changes above.

This section captures the issues raised against OslcCoreSpecification

Core 3.0 issues are tracked in another page.

If there is a #num next to the status, this represents the issue # from the previous wiki page. To see the list of issues that occurred during the convergence phase see OslcCoreV2ConvergenceIssues

Note: dates below use US format (mm/dd/yyyy)

Here’s what the states mean:

  • OPEN - indicates that we have no response for the issue yet
  • RESOLVED - indicates that we have a response that we believe resolves the issue
  • CLOSED - issue has been resolved and the resolution has been reviewed by the WG
  • DEFERRED - indicates that issue will be addressed in Core Guidance or some future revision of a specification.
  • TABLED - indicates that issue will be reconsidered at some later but unspecified date

See CLOSED items above with FIXED subheadings.


(only OPEN or RESOLVED issues migrated here 08/23/2012. For CLOSED or DEFERRED issues, see OslcCoreV2Issues )

  1. CLOSED #30 anchor duplication (JohnArwe 11/09/2011)
    • Response Fix by using Wiki override option to add unique anchors (SteveSpeicher 11/16/2011)
    • Updates made. Since the syntax was hard to find, it’s in the TOC macro documentation page (JohnArwe 2013-05-07)
  2. CLOSED #31 Format encoding/charset defaults (FrankBudinsky 11/22/2011)
  3. RESOLVED #33 XHTML vs simple text in OSLC Core’s common properties (JohnArwe 11/15/2011)
  4. DEFERRED #34 Representing the order of triples in a query response that uses oslc.orderBy (ArthurRyman 12/08/2011)
    • Response Arthur included a proposal in the same note
    • Awaiting additional implementation feedback from Arthur’s proposal and what is being drafted for the W3C Linked Data Platform, marking deferred - Steve Speicher 2013-05-22
  5. CLOSED #35 Buglet in Core 2.0 - non-exemplary(?) use of Change Request (JohnArwe 12/30/2011)
    • Response No objections noted to the proposal, changes live (JohnArwe 2013-05-13)
  6. CLOSED #36 Ambiguity in Resource Shape definition + consequent questions (JohnArwe 12/30/2011)
  7. DEFERRED #38 Suggested improvements to representations samples - (John Arwe 2/15/2012)
  8. RESOLVED #40 oslc:modifiedBy proposal - (ArthurRyman 3/14/2012)
    • Response Agree with adding April 2012 Mtg - need to propose text, ask DCMI and clarify dcterms:contributor guidance
  9. CLOSED #41 Multi-typed resource scenarios and rdf:type/dcterms:type - (MichaelFiedler 3/14/2012)
    • Response Discussed at April 04 meeting. The workgroup concluded that this issue should be handled by adding additional features to an abbreviated RDF/XML writer, not by changing the specification. Artificially introducing additional type predicates beyond rdf:type is not desirable.
    • Closed as no further work is needed - Steve Speicher 2013-05-22
  10. RESOLVED #42 unknown or unsupported property handling - (SamPadgett 3/21/2012)
  11. CLOSED #43 Read-only and friends - (JohnArwe 4/13/2012)

  12. CLOSED #44 correct all occurrences of open-service.net/ns (missing final s on serviceS) on the website - (JohnArwe 2012-05-30)

    • Response SteveSpeicher has done a search/replace through wiki pages, need to do attached examples
    • Resolved marking CLOSED, as specs fixed - Steve Speicher 2013-06-12
  13. CLOSED #45 the usage of QName in this context is not valid. It should really state that we use hash URIs and this is the fragment segment of the URI. Need to promote/clarify OSLCCoreURINamingGuidance - (ArthurRyman 2012-06-13)
    • Resolved Editorial change made - Steve Speicher
  14. CLOSED #46 Resource shapes provide no way to represent an RDF Plain Literal, only typed literals - (JohnArwe for ArthurRyman, 2012-07-11)
  15. CLOSED #47 Add oslc:usage to oslc:Service - (JohnArwe for Automation WG), 2012-07-25)
    • Response Accepted per July 25 meeting
    • Updates made, and fixed 20120725 meeting link in the response (JohnArwe 2013-05-07)
  16. CLOSED Handling of unrecognized content (JimConnalen, 2012-09-27)
  17. RESOLVED Handling of long URIs JohnArwe 2012-09-06)
  18. CLOSED Proposal for new property oslc:shortId - (ArthurRyman 2013-02-14)
  19. RESOLVED Client introspection of creation factory pre-fill - (John Arwe 2013-06-11)
  20. OPEN Clarity around expressing real-world objects vs information resources. Specifically things like dc:contributor/creator and oslc:modifiedBy should have object of type foaf:OnlineAccount or foaf:Person/Agent. - (ArthurRyman 2013-09-25)
    • Response Proposal: Produce guidance and proposed spec updates Arthur Ryman 2013-10-02

TrackedResourceSet 2.0 Issues

These are the issues against Tracked Resource Set 2.0

  1. CLOSED trs:changes shouldn’t be plural - Vivek Garg 2013-03-26
    • Response Propose to change to trs:change (drop the ‘s’) – SteveSpeicher
    • Change made revision 2461 – SteveSpeicher 2013-04-03
  2. DEFERRED TRS truncation of change log - Joe Ross 2013-05-02
    • Response Proposal: Defer issue stating we’d like more experience with Joe’s proposed approach - Steve Speicher 2013-05-22
    • Resolved Accepted proposal to defer Meeting20130522 - Steve Speicher 2013-05-22
  3. CLOSED TRS spec cutoffEvent property - Joe Ross 2013-05-02
  4. CLOSED Misc comments - John Arwe 2013-05-14
  5. CLOSED trs:change occurs shouldn’t be optional and trs:base’s range - Jim des Rivieres 2013-06-12
    • Response Proposal to update occurs to exactly-one for trs:change and for trs:base’s range to be ldp:Container - SteveSpeicher / VivekGarg 2013-06-27
    • Resolved No disagreement with making the proposed change from July 17 and email - SteveSpeicher 2013-07-17
    • Changes made here
  6. OPEN Lack of needed exception handling: rollback is not clearly defined and needed error-free changlogs is not realistic - ArthurRyman 2013-08-14
    • Proposed Response Work on proposal with Vivek/NickC/Arthur on exception handling – SteveSpeicher
  7. CLOSED Align base resource type with latest LDP spec updates (ldp:DirectContainer) - SteveSpeicher 2014-03-30
  8. CLOSED Align base resource default membership predicate with latest LDP spec updates (ldp:member) - SteveSpeicher 2014-03-30
  9. OPEN Align paging representation with latest W3C LDP-Paging draft - SteveSpeicher 2014-04-10
    • Update Updated to match current LDP-Paging draft and separated paging into - SteveSpeicher 2014-06-11
    • Proposed change Remove usage of paging in content to headers – SteveSpeicher

Partial Update 2.0 Issues

These are the issues against http:open services.netwikicoreOSLC Core Partial Update

  1. OPEN Concern over matching blank nodes - don’t use ids and use variables, possibly SPARQL update subset - ArthurRyman 2013-03-13
    • Response Clarify that bnode labels/ids are not part of the mapping, just in the example – SteveSpeicher
  2. OPEN Usage of predicate names for insert/delete instead of graph names, streaming/order and more - AndySeaborne 2013-03-13
    • Response working on response - SteveSpeicher

Resource Shape 2.0 Issues

These are issues against the ResourceShape, Property, and AllowedValues classes defined in Appendix A of the Core 2.0 specification.

  1. Property definition should have a vs:term_status or equivalent predicate to indicate status of the property
  2. A shape should have a way to extend or override another shape

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