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OSLC Change Management February 28, 2013

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Next meeting:

  • April 4, 2013


  • Spec Issues:

    • Steve sent an email to the mailing list about 2.0 issues discussed in the last meeting and created a new issues page.
    • Workgroup agreed on proposed oslc:serviceProvider change. No objections on the mailing list.
  • CM Types:

    • Workgroup discussed Paul’s type proposals. It sounds like ReviewTask and RequirementsChangeRequest can be one general Review type. Some discussion around QMTask. Should we define this as a new scenario? Steve will follow up with Paul and see if he can join a workgroup call to discuss further.
  • Change Management of Requirements scenario

    • Brian reviewed updated scenario.
    • Sam asked about backwards compatibility with 2.0 providers.
    • Steve suggested we look at the actual REST calls with 3.0. We might also prototype it to validate the approach.
    • Should we standardize the whoami service as part of 3.0. Steve suggested we send this to the core workgroup. Sam will follow up.


Sam, Steve, Bryan, Brian