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OSLC CM Spec V2 Issues

This page is the current page for tracking OSLC-CM 2.0 specification issues. Previous issues were tracked in this wiki page.

This section captures the issues raised via review comments on:

Issues are organized via the spec outline.

Note: dates below use US format (mm/dd/yyyy)

Here’s what the states mean:

  • OPEN - indicates that we have no response for the issue yet
  • RESOLVED - indicates that we have a response that we believe resolves the issue
    • RESOLVED - indicates it is resolved as by above definition and edits in the draft specification have been made.
  • CLOSED - issue has been resolved and the resolution has been reviewed by the workgroup
  • DEFERRED - indicates that issue will be addressed in guidance after the specification converges
  • TABLED - indicates that issue will be reconsidered at some later but unspecified date

After Finalization of 2.0

  1. CLOSED oslc:serviceProvider MUST is too strong (SteveSpeicher, 02/21/2013)
    • Response Propose change it to MAY (SteveSpeicher 02/21/2013)
    • Response Updated to a MAY in v99 (SteveSpeicher 02/28/2013
  2. CLOSED Issue on redundant inverse predicates (SteveSpeicher, 07/16/2013)
    • Response Agreement on the full list - update spec to clearly mark as deprecated and update the vocab document. See 7/25 minutes
    • Completed Added new spec section Steve Speicher 3-Oct-013


  1. OPEN Sample/template issue (copy and paste) (WikiName, mm/dd/2013)
  • Response Need response (SteveSpeicher mm/dd/2013)

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