[oslc-cm] ISSUE: unclear statement that oslc:serviceProvider property MUST be supported

Steve K Speicher sspeiche at us.ibm.com
Thu Feb 21 10:32:31 EST 2013

This came up in review of Automation spec and traced its origin to CM, it 
is hard to make sense out of this statement [1]:

"Service Provider Resources
OSLC CM service providers MUST provide a oslc:serviceProvider property for 
their defined resources that will be the URI to a Service Provider 

I don't know what this means that a provider MUST provider this property 
but the ChangeRequest defines it as oslc:serviceProvider Occurs as 
zero-or-many.  So I'd recommend that we relax this to a "MAY".

[1] - 

Steve Speicher
IBM Rational Software
OSLC - Lifecycle integration inspired by the web -> 

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