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OSLC Change Management February 21, 2013

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Next meeting:

  • TBD


Recurring agenda items:

  • Discussed spec issue that Steve has raised. General consensus on the call is that the proposed change (MUST -> MAY) was appropriate. We will work to close it next meeting, giving the community time to respond on the mailing list. Steve will update issues page.
  • Reviewed old outstanding issues to get closure. See the V2 issues page for updates.

Main agenda items:

  • Discussed Paul’s proposal for QualityManagementTask and ReviewTask.
    • QualityManagementTask: The CM workgroup was still unclear on how this is fundamentally different than a task. Are there special properties on a QualityManagementTask that make it unique? It would be good to understand the scenario and what is truly unique about this type.
    • ReviewTask: This sounds very similar to RequirementsChangeRequest. We might look at having one ReviewTask type that can be used in both contexts, a general review and approval. The following scenario might be relevent: CmScenarioReviews.
  • Steve will respond to Paul.

  • Brian updated the OSLC-CM spreadsheet

  • Brian updated the Change Management of Requirements scenario for 3.0 changes.


Sam, Steve, Bryan H, Brian S