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STATUS: WORKING DRAFT This is a working draft of the scenario. It’s contents are expected to change.

Application analysis tool performs a scan of web application or source code and a software development change request needs to be created or linked.



A scenario without roles:

  1. Scan is run and problem analysis issues are generated
  2. Scan user selects one or more problem analysis issue to create a defect against
    1. Defect is pre-filled with: headline, detailed description and severity.
      • Note: the application analysis tool typically has 5 settings for severity value.
    2. Tool adds log as attachment to the new defect. This log provides details about the scan results. See attached sample below


  • Application analysis tool is configured to link to a CM tool
  • Property value mapping (severity) configured by application analysis tool


  • Desired: Link is stored in application analysis tool to created defect


  • User is prompted (or preference) to create 1 defect per issue instead of grouping. Prefer not to see dialog for each defect.
  • Configuration setup: mapping properties from problem analysis issue to defect, for better enablement of automated creation of defect
  • Don’t submit same defect twice.


problem analysis issue[s] (application analysis tool)

log (file) (application analysis tool) see attached sample below

defect (change management tool)

attachment (change management tool)

Process to developing this scenario

  1. Elaborate on the scenario, possibly define a few alternatives and tool specific configurations
  2. Identify key resources and their properties
  3. Identify gaps in specification and terminology

Possible specification Needs

  • Attachments - need to add local OS file (scan results) to existing defect resource. See SpecBacklog: Attachments
  • severity - a standard set of values, typically 5 is enough

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