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OSLC Change Management February 7, 2013

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Lyo 1.1 was approved by the Eclipse legal team!

Main Agenda

Separate types for change requests: Current thinking is to have various types defined and no ChangeRequest ‘superclass’. We can define the types and then define common properties like the Core spec.

Reviewed OSLC-CM spreadsheet of change management systems and the types and properties they support.

Discussion around the need for a RequirementsChangeRequest type. Some discussion of whether this can be generalized to a generic review/approval type.

Steve raised Paul M’s request for QualityManagementTask and ReviewTask. Steve has responded on the mailing list. Is a simple ‘Task’ enough?

Brian S will fill in the common types for Change in the spreadsheet.

Some discussion of whether Story should be modeled as a type. Current thinking is that it might be out of scope for the CM workgroup, and no scenarios currently use a Story type.

Next steps: Create a wiki to begin looking at the different types.


Steve, Sam, Brian, Bryan