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This document provides high-level scenario descriptions and links to elaborated scenarios that have been identified by the working group as priority scenarios to be defined in specification and validated by product implementations.


Inprogress/Done Scenarios

Backlog Scenarios

  1. ITOpsToDev
    • Possible spec needs: properties, resource types, terminology alignment, may have state transition part
  2. Change Request mass create
    • Possible spec needs: guidance on using existing methods, few enhancements
  3. Code Review
    • Possible spec needs: approvals/reviews
  4. Resource editor, embedding minimal web ui
    • Possible spec needs: embedding Web UI fragment

See OSLC CM Specification Technical Backlog

Cross-cutting scenarios (from other domains)

  • PLM: baselines
  • ChangeLog
  • state transition

Completed scenarios where some additional spec work could still occur


Specification comments and issues


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