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Agile Planning of Change Requests Scenario

STATUS: WORKING DRAFT This is a working draft of the scenario. It's contents are expected to change.

This scenario identifies resources and integration points between disparate systems that are used to track change requests (defects, enhancment requests, etc) and tasks (plan items).


A scenario without roles:

  1. Prioritized list of open change requests is attained
  2. Change request is opened in an editor
  3. Change request is assigned to a sprint
    • Either direction or as a side effect, a plan item (task) is created in the agile planning tool and assigned to a sprint
    • If there are additional change requests to plan, repeat steps 1-3
  4. Task is assigned
  5. Task assignee inspects the linked changed request
  6. Task is completed
  7. Change request is inspected for status updates
  8. Change request is opened in an editor
  9. Linked task is opened to inspect it's status (which is closed)
  10. Change request's status is changed to closed


  • A change management system where the change requests are in a repository that is separate from the agile planning tool.
  • A mechanism to query/filter for change requests.
  • An iteration plan to assign tasks to.


  • A plan item (task) exists in the agile planning tool, with a linkage to the originating change request.


Multiple change requests are assigned to a sprint at onces.

A report can be built to determine the aggregate status of the change requests and tasks.

Cases where the underlying system implements change requests and tasks with the same underlying resource.



change request



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