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Collaborative ALM Scenarios

This page is the launching point for exploring the OSLC resources through scenarios. Relationships between resources are defined through scenarios.

The pattern below serves as a guide for the inventory of scenarios. By tracing the arrows, important relationships are understood. The pattern purposefully removes process & role definition. The key is to focus on the relationships.

  • A pattern for understanding CALM scenarios:

The scenarios are organizing using the 'vertical' verbs from left to right: Request->Deliver. The horizontal verbs Distribute & Track are included within each vertical.


Moving from 'proposal' to plan. Requests come in, are triaged and decided upon.


Moving from Deciding to Doing. Requests brought into a plan are sized and decomposed into work-items for the team members.

Align Plans - this scenario involves deciding on 'what' (requirements) and 'when' (plan). It includes aligning requirements with the development and test plans.



Defect test execution reveals defect


Moving from Doing to Delivering. Determining completion & delivering the result of the iteration/project.

Assess Completeness - How do you know you're done?

Deliver - Deliver the completed iteration/project

Defect End user submits defect against production system

Asset Management Scenarios - delivering a release includes creating assets which may be used in the next delivery cycle

Status Tracking - scenarios specific to tracking status (which are not included above)

Status Tracking - scenarios specific to tracking status (which are not included above)


Previously developed workproducts (assets) are used and created throughout the lifecycle, from Propose, to Decide, to Do and to Deliver.

Asset Management Scenarios - scenarios specific to managed Assets which are included in horizontal bar 'Distribute'

-- CarolynPampino - 21 Jan 2009

Mylyn Scenarios - Draft in progress

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