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2013 June 7, Orlando, FL
Formal meeting 10 AM - 12 PM; Lunch 12 - 1:30 PM; Working meeting 1:30 - 4 PM
Virtual meeting details

This is the 12th ever OSLC Steering Committee meeting, the third time the OSLC Steering Committee has met face-to-face, and the first ever meeting of the OASIS OSLC Member Section Steering Committee.

Meeting Goals

  1. Elect a chair
  2. Agree on an “OASIS kick-off plan”
    • includes setting a general Member Section meeting and the date for the election of the 7th Steering Committee member
  3. Endorse a general liaisons policy
  4. Set direction on how to respond to INCOSE’s request for a liaison relationship
  5. Converge on goals for OSLC for the next 12-36 months
  6. In the afternoon “working meeting”, explore topics in depth and help advance our understanding of them in a significant and meaningful way



1. Election of a Chair [vote: 5m]

Executive Summary

by Sean Kennedy

Per the Rules of Procedure (section d), IBM has convened the first Steering Committee Meeting of the OSLC Member Section at OASIS. Its first order of business is to elect a Chair.

Having previously held the position of chairman, John Wiegand seeks re-election.

Projected Order of Business

by Sean Kennedy

  1. Call for nominations
  2. Candidate Remarks
  3. Vote

2. OASIS Kick-off Plan [review|discussion|vote: 20m]

2a Review of Overall Plan [review: 5m]

Executive Summary

by Sean Kennedy

It is important to engage the whole Member Section from the beginning for a couple reasons: 1) so we do not lose momentum, i.e. all the “foundational” support is converted into ongoing contributions, and 2) so we can have a sense of the interests and priorities of the members.

The plan is as follows:

  1. ASAP: announce that the Steering Committee will hold a Member Section web meeting on Thursday, June 27
  2. ASAP: announce that the election for the 7th Steering Committee seat is to be held on Thursday, July 18
  3. ASAP: agree on a draft plan for the creation of associated TCs that can be shared with the Member Section in the web meeting
  4. June 27: Member Section web meeting
    • Proposed Content:
      1. Introduction of Steering Committee Members
      2. Reminder of and encouragement to participate in the July 18 election
      3. Presentation of the TC creation plan
      4. Explanation of ways, and invitation, to participate
      5. Discussion and invitation for questions and comments (both live and offline)
    • Goals:
      1. Convert “foundational” support into ongoing contributions
      2. Solicit a sense of the interests and priorities of the members (both live and offline)
  5. July 18: Election for the 7th Steering Committee seat

2b Status of the Technical Committee Creation Plan [review: 5m]

Executive Summary

by Steve Speicher

The initial TC creation and transition will be the Core WG per prior discussions. The timeframe to get this created and operational is in the Sep/Oct timeframe, currently drafting charter and soliciting members. In parallel but slightly staggered, we look to move other active WGs and creation of new ones. Working with the new MS organizations, there may be a need for a new Project and Portfolio Management TC (it could also help with recruitment of a couple new key members, see below). The first round of domain WG would be Config, Change and Asset Mgmt WGs: considering combining into a single TC. Domain WGs would be staggered in based on their own development timeline. There is a strong desire to work 3.0 specs to near completion before transitioning.

2c Evaluation and Direction [discussion|vote: 10m]

Projected Order of Business

by The Chair

  1. Question, comment, and/or amend the proposed plans.
  2. Vote

3. Liaisons [vote|vote: 10m]

Executive Summary

by Sean Kennedy

Here is the OASIS Liaison Policy. There are two kinds of liaison relationships: 1) organization liaisons, and 2) TC/MS liaisons. Basically, the first is more work to set up, but then the designated OASIS member can participate at the other organization and the other org’s designate can participate at OASIS; while the second is simpler to set up, but requires a person who has membership in both organizations to act as the liaison.

The full list of OASIS liaisons includes the Cloud Standards Customer Council, IEEE, IETF, ISO, The Open Group, and W3C.
The full list does not include ARTEMIS (EC Projects), INCOSE, OMG, or PROSTEP iViP.

In March 2013, INCOSE requested a liaison relationship with OSLC. Our reply was to wait until we were established at OASIS.

3a General Policy [vote: 5m]


by Sean Kennedy

So long as we have a person willing to accept the responsibilities of being the liaison, i.e. being active in both organizations, let us accept requests to establish liaison relationships. Whether it is an organization or TC/MS liaison can be decided based on the circumstances of the particular request.

Projected Order of Business

by The Chair

  1. Questions, comments, and/or amendments to the proposal.
  2. Vote

3b Liaison Request from INCOSE [vote: 5m]


by Sean Kennedy

Given INCOSE’s established “list of partnerships”, which includes IEEE, ISO, and OMG, let us pursue the creation of an organization liaison between OASIS and INCOSE.

Projected Order of Business

by The Chair

  1. Questions, comments, and/or amendments to the proposal.
  2. Vote

4. OSLC Connect Update (?) [review: 10m]

Executive Summary

pending …

5. BREAK [15m]

(also a bit of buffer)

6. Goals for OSLC [discussion: 55m]

Executive Summary

Each Steering Committee member to provide an executive summary of their view of the goals for OSLC over the next 12-36 months (full request).

Projected Order of Business

by The Chair

  1. Let each Steering Committee member share his or her goals for OSLC over the next 12-36 months. [2-3m, ea. = ~15m]
  2. Explore any contradictory and emergent thoughts from the presentations. [15m]
  3. Converge on prioritized (where possible) goals for the next 12-36 months. [25m]

7. Prioritize Topics for the Afternoon [discussion: 5m]

Executive Summary

by Sean Kennedy

The afternoon session is meant to be a “working meeting” where we can explore topics in depth and help advance our understanding of them in a significant and meaningful way. Given this goal, let’s prioritize the topics, and working from the top of the list, spend as much time as each topic needs.

Proposed topics:

  • What is the Steering Committee’s role in recruiting?
    • Consider the past 8 months of recruiting
    • Do we envision taking a different role(s) going forward?
  • What are the OASIS web resources, how do we want to use them?
    • Sean to get the background from OASIS ahead of time (if possible … if not, we can’t really discuss)
  • User Groups review
    • Embedded Systems UG (Rainer)
    • Mobile UG (Sean)
    • Should we bring UGs out of their “incubator” state
  • New User Groups and/or areas of interest for future standardization
    • heard interest in anything? DevOps? ALM? PLM? ISM?
    • “foreign” UGs, e.g. a Cloud one hosted as CSCC
  • Updating of governance documents at open-services.net
    • the Members Agreement and Bylaws in particular

Projected Order of Business

by The Chair

  1. Call for any additions to the proposed list of topics.
  2. Prioritize

8. LUNCH [90m]

Those in person are to go out for lunch together, those on the phone are welcome to dial back in again for the afternoon session.

9. Working Session [discussion: 150m]

See the description given in the previous agenda item


Steering Committee

  • Rainer Ersch, Senior Research Scientist at Siemens
  • David Ingram, Managing Director at Accenture
  • Andreas Keis, Manager, Software Engineering at EADS Innovation Works UK
  • John Wiegand, Distinguished Engineer and Chief Architect for IBM Rational


  • Mik Kersten, CEO of Tasktop
  • Bola Rotibi, Research Director at Creative Intellect


  • David Green, VP of Architecture Tasktop

Steering Committee Staff

  • Operations Coordinator, Sean Kennedy, IBM
  • Technical Coordinator, Steve Speicher, IBM


1. Election of a Chair

  • Sean Kennedy: on behalf of IBM I convene this first meeting of the OSLC Member Section Steering Committee
    • Let me call for nominations
  • John Wiegand: I will stand for election as chair
    • Seconded: Dave Ingram
  • Sean: other nominations?
    • none
  • Sean: any remarks?
    • none
  • Sean: vote
    • Yes: Rainer, Andreas, Dave, John
  • John: I accept the chair
  • John Wiegand is the chair of the OSLC Member Section Steering Committee.

1.1 Adoption of Delegating Policy

Proposed Policy

Any Steering Committee member may delegate participation and voting at a Steering Committee meeting to another person in their organization. Providing a delegate maintains good standing.


1.2 Adopting a Voting Policy

Proposed Policy

A two-thirds majority vote of those eligible in the vote.

This policy expires, on 31 January 2014. The new policy is to be created by a two-thirds majority vote of those eligible in the vote.


1.3 Adoption of a Meeting Operation Policy

Proposed Policy

  • An executive summary is to be provided for each topic.
  • A short timebox will be made available in the meeting to cover the executive summary.
  • Discussion will take place after the executive summary has been reviewed.
  • Discussion will also be timeboxed.
  • The Steering Committee may chose to continue beyond the end of a timebox, but the default action will be to start the next topic.


2. OASIS Kick-off Plan

  • The Steering Committee has endorsed the proposal
    • note that the content for the June 27 webcast is to be refined by the StC over email
    • the TC creation plan, in particular, is to be reviewed in greater detail to determine what to share on the call
  • Key discussion points about the webcast:
    • John: it would be good to also share the StC’s vision for OSLC
    • Dave: also good to share what we’ve seen this week at the Innovate conference
    • John: we should encourage a wide variety of participation, it isn’t just about joining and contributing to TCs
    • John: recently, when we’ve discussed our OSLC progress we’ve jumped to the news, for those just new, we need to include pointers to the resources where they can find more information (online)
  • Key discussion points about the transition plan:
    • Steve: get the Core TC up and running first
      • we are working on a detailed project plan of how to get there following the OASIS process
      • the plan we have considers doing both Core, and another TC shortly after
      • I will make the detailed process available to the StC
      • a challenge we have, compared to other TCs, is that what we’re trying to do is create charters that allow work to continue over several standards releases
    • Rainer: we should not rush too fast and try to do too many things at once
      • I’d like to create Core, learn from it, and then start down the road on others … wait to create a template for creating TCs from that experience
    • John: agree. let’s understand the process, write it down, review it, have the Core execute it, once that TC is up, we can start other TCs down the process
    • John: for new TCs, we want to be inclusive, but make sure that we’re not conflicting; we don’t want to micro manage the internal work of a TC, but do want to make sure they don’t overlap with other OSLC TCs or future TCs

2.1 Bringing the PROMIS Work Into an Affiliated TC

  • Background
    • PROMIS is a multi-organization group, based out of Japan, that has been operating for the past year to define some specifications to simply the management of large Software Supply Chains.
    • The work they have done builds on OSLC Core.
    • On Wednesday, June 6, members of the PROMIS group and members of the OSLC Steering Committee met to discuss how the PROMIS work could be standardized in an OASIS Technical Committee affiliated with the OSLC Member Section.
    • After that meeting, the Steering Committee wanted to make sure it spent some time to discuss this further.
  • Discussion Outcomes
    • The Steering Committee would like to see the PROMIS work become part of OSLC at OASIS.
    • It would also like to see PROMIS broaden its participation to include companies from other geographies and vendors.
    • Given that (as discussed above) Core should be the first TC created and the intention to fully learn from that experience, a TC to standardize the work of PROMIS (and looking into broader Project Management scenarios) should be proposed after sufficient learning has been derived from the OSLC Core TC.
    • To start getting broader participation in this work, the Steering Committee recommends that the PROMIS group propose an OSLC User Group to discuss Software Supply Chain scenarios.
      • The ideal pattern for new work is to start with a User Group to discuss scenarios, see how implementing the top scenarios would affect existing specifications/standards and determine whether a new TC is needed to handle any of the work, drive the top scenarios into the TCs to standardize.
        • This is the approach taken when there were discussions about a Work Group for Mobile. i.e. the OSLC UG for Mobile was created.
      • For future consideration: If some community members were to come forward with a desire to discuss general Project Management scenarios, it could be that those discussions happen in the same UG, or in a new one.

3. Liaisons

Not covered in this meeting, to be discussed at a future meeting.

One brief comment (with apparent agreement): we should start by asking those who want to liaise why they think it is good for them and OSLC

4 OSLC Connect Update

Input from Lin Ju (IBM) who has been working with Parham Vasaiely (EADS) and Jane Harnad (OASIS)):
I have worked intensively with Jane and Parham to set OSLC connect 2013’s location, time, call for paper announcement. It is not final version yet but will give you the view of what it looks like. The location and time is align with IBM Business Connect 2013 (London on Oct. 8, 2013). BussinessConnect will have a combined agenda for LOB+IT and will cover Smarter analytics and big data, smarter commerce, social business, mobile, cloud. Planning to have a lab/solutions area where can have devops, systemz and other solutions demonstrated. Targeting senior LOB and IT audience.

Discussion Outcomes

  • For a first event, especially standalone, speakers should be invited instead of running a call for papers.
  • A better definition of the high-level topics to be covered is needed, speakers should then be pursued based on those topics.
  • Formal OSLC communications, such as any future announcement for this event, need to go through the Steering Committee.
  • To approve such an event, the Steering Committee desires a detailed plan, including financials, target audience, and goals.
    • (The goals need simply be attainable.)

Update, June 24

Efforts to organize an OSLC Connect event for Fall 2013 have been canceled [http://open-services.net/pipermail/oslc-communications_open-services.net/2013-June/000169.html]. Spring/Summer 2014 has been offered as possible target dates.


Agreements and Consensus in this meeting

  1. John Wiegand is the OSLC Member Section Chair
  2. Three policies have been adopted
    1. Delegation
    2. Voting
    3. Meeting Agendas
  3. To have a Member Section general meeting/webcast on June 27
  4. To have the election for the 7th Steering Committee seat on July 18
  5. The ideal pattern for new work is to start with a User Group to discuss scenarios, see how implementing the top scenarios would affect existing specifications/standards and determine whether a new TC is needed to handle any of the work, and drive the top scenarios into the TCs to standardize.
    • Request that PROMIS create an OSLC User Group for Software Supply Chain to start engaging broader participation in preparation for the creation of an affiliated TC sometime after the Core TC has been created

Action Items from this meeting

  1. Sean: Notify OASIS staff of the election of the MS Chair
  2. Sean: Notify OASIS staff of the proposed election date of July 18
  3. Sean: Organize the webcast for June 27, including coordinating the content with the StC
  4. Sean: Follow up with PROMIS to make them aware of the outcomes of this meeting

Future Agenda Topics from this meeting

  1. Liaisons (as planned for this meeting)

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1: https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/oslc-ms/download.php/49183/OSLC MS ROP - Board Approved 2013-5-1.pdf