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These are the policies that the OSLC Member Section Steering Committee has adopted.


1. Operation of Steering Committee Meetings

These policies are the customization of standard OASIS meeting procedure made by the Steering Committee for its own meetings.

1.1 Delegation

Adopted 7 June 2013

Any Steering Committee member may delegate participation and voting at a Steering Committee meeting to another person in their organization. Providing a delegate maintains good standing.

1.2 Agenda Topic Expectations

Adopted 7 June 2013

  • An executive summary is to be provided for each topic.
  • A short timebox will be made available in the meeting to cover the executive summary.
  • Discussion will take place after the executive summary has been reviewed.
  • Discussion will also be timeboxed.
  • The Steering Committee may chose to continue beyond the end of a timebox, but the default action will be to start the next topic.

2. Voting

Unless otherwise stated, these policies apply to both in-meeting vocal votes and out-of meeting electronic votes.

2.1 Votes (expires 31 January 2014)

Adopted 7 June 2013

A two-thirds majority vote of those eligible in the vote.

This policy expires, on 31 January 2014. The new policy is to be created by a two-thirds majority vote of those eligible in the vote.

3. Liaison

General liaison policy is governed by the OASIS Liaison Policy, additional guidance and requirements are captured in this section.

3.1 Liaison Proposal Requirements

Adopted 8 July 2013

  1. That there be a person willing to accept the responsibilities of being the liaison, i.e. being active in both organizations.
  2. That a case has been made as to why this is good for both organizations.

Whether it is an organization, or TC/MS, liaison can be decided based on the circumstances of the particular request.