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  1. Active Initiatives
  2. Backlog
  3. Ideas
  4. Target Audience(s)
  5. Background

Active Initiatives

What we’re doing now.



Based on our first round of prioritization , and the discussion at the August OSLC StC meeting, the backlog follows. Some thoughts on the tasks involved in each item and the effort involved were sent to the mailing list as well.

4. increasing industry-wide visibility of workgroups

Assist workgroups in raising their presence in the technical world: assist them in getting started microbloging, provide interesting decisions and ongoing discussions for inclusion in a periodic community-wide workgroup update blog, broader promotion of upcoming meetings

  1. Help contributors get more “street cred” for their OSLC efforts
  2. Make sure OSLC, and its contributors, are part of the wider conversations on Linked Data, integrations, and $domain
  3. Help make OSLC workgroups a “happening” places where other technical leaders feel the need to participate

9. OSLC conference

Create an OSLC Summit/Conference, possibly co/pre/post-located with another conference

Note: When our discussion of this was presented at the September Steering Committee meeting, they agreed that now isn’t the right time to try to create an OSLC conference. To help build momentum towards that, and to make use of the opportunities afforded by other conferences to educate, interest, and engage more people in OSLC, the Steering Committee has assigned us an action item (#2):

  • Communications WG + StC input: create a list of conferences where OSLC should have a presence
    • corollary … Communications WG: promote for people to submit presentations, track who’s going, enable attendees with materials, help coordinate the OSLC presence

5. TBL linked data and OSLC video

Get TBL to record a video explaining how OSLC is the leading example of using Linked Data for data creation and modification, not just consumption, and then to expand on how he thinks this will affect the world and to sketch the possibilities of a bi-directionally linked enterprise/supply chain/world

12. 1-page case studies

Write 1-page case studies outlining how organizations are using OSLC and the resulting benefits. These can be anonymous if needed. The case studies can then be promoted via various channels.

1. OSLC promoter’s toolkit

OSLC “Promoter’s Toolkit” - centralized place to find canned slides for presentations, presentation templates, graphics, posters, patterns for buttons and t-shirts, and other media


New ideas that have yet to be prioritized (Steering Committee is looking to provide prioritization feedback)

  1. in backlog
  2. Refresh of the ” Case for OSLC” whitepaper, especially with input from multiple sources/companies
  3. Establish a process for getting endorsements and testimonials from Members, get X of them in Y months
  4. in backlog
  5. in backlog
  6. Engage Lyo contributors and users to help promote the Lyo project as a “happening” place for technical all-stars and to catalog the benefits of using Lyo to implement OSLC (and using OSLC to do integrations)
  7. Develop a general ROI model for building integrations using OSLC, validate against the experiences of commercial and internal implementers in the community
  8. Reach out to known influences in the technology industry (especially/starting with bloggers), help them see how OSLC is relevant to their audience/readership, and assist them in becoming a in informed commenter on OSLC
  9. in backlog
  10. Host an analysts roundtable (at the summit/conference?)
  11. How about an OSLC Boot Camp?This would be an intense one-day learn everything about OSLC session with 5 minute breaks for running around the room, stretching exercises, bread sandwiches with water,… you get the idea,’- Could be done virtually. Learn the OSLC API sufficiently to write a limited wrapper for their product Workflow precepts for Linked data applications etc. High energy, high value in the time spent. I borrowed this idea from a brilliant software engineer I knew years ago
  12. in backlog
  13. Well-formated one-page newsletter sent to mailing lists generated from open-services.net, webinar registrations etc. Newsletters can feature new integrations, past blog posts, case studies, the whitepaper etc.

Target Audience(s)

An important questions that need to be answered: Who are our audience? With what kind of activities are we most likely to get the attention of our audience? For each activity we undertake, there may be multiple audiences. A desire to reach a particular audience could affect the priority of initiatives.

A document describing personas and user stories for those who should care about OSLC already exists and is a good starting point. In addition to what is listed there, we must also keep press and analysts in mind.


This document is inspired by an action item (#4) generated by the Steering Committee at their inaugural meeting: “work on a prioritized backlog of initiatives to raise the profile of OSLC; bring back some thoughts to the StC”

The StC thinks there is a need to increase the profile of OSLC, and while they may come up with some ideas on how to do that, they’re looking for the Communications WG to own the larger initiative and its execution. The StC will provide direction and some prioritization, and empower the Communications WG to carry out the activities. (The Communications WG agreed to this arrangement, in principle at it 13 July 2012 meeting.)