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OSLC Communications Workgroup 13 July 2012 12 PM EDT


  1. New workgroup leadership
  2. Actions from the Steering Committee ( items 5-7, inlined below)
    1. Communications WG: work on a prioritized backlog of initiatives to raise the profile of OSLC; bring back some thoughts to the StC
    2. Communications WG: consider adapting (potentially through a re-charter) to handle execution and management of those initiatives - also consider formalizing the relationship with the StC
    3. someone(s), possibly the Comms WG: use John W.’s whitepaper as a starting point, take input from other community members and provide updated resources (another whitepaper, plus a 1-page highlight/summary)
  3. Other business


  • Sean Kennedy (meeting chair)
  • Wesley Coelho
  • Andy Gurd
  • Lee Reamsnyder
  • Rainer Ersch
  • Bob Myers
  • Deanna Shaw


Indroduction of Deanna and background on Andy's resignation of WG lead position

Deanna – first time attending, from IBM Tivoli tech office, working to get Tivoli more involved in OSLC

Andy – on IBM WW marketing team, now responsible for go-to-market around requirements management for complex and embedded decisions and have been ramping up efforts around a beta and future release in another area; has had to spend a little less time on OSLC, leading to the resignation of the WG lead position; will still be interested in OSLC and participate in the Communications WG

1. new workgroup leadership

Sean: Parham expressed interest in leading the workgroup

Rainer: Parham would handle the workgroup leadership, and it would be good to have a non-IBM in the lead position

Sean: to confirm with Parham and then propose him on the mailing list. 4 +1s will mean his acceptance.

Group: OK.

Wesley: also include a couple sentences on Parham’s background and qualifications

2. action items from the StC

Rainer providing some background on why the StC came to these action items: The feeling was that the technical efforts are going well, but there is a need to have more focus on promotion and marketing of OSLC.

Bob: any thought or discussions of target audiences?

Rainer: no, that would be something that we’d be looking to the Comms WG to do

Sean: basically the flow would be: the Comms WG comes up with the proposals, gets feedback and direction from the StC, goes and executes

Sean & Andy: a lot of the materials are already available (see CommsWishList, WhoShouldCareAboutOslc? , OslcManifesto, and OSLCEventsList), but will need a refresh; also widen the scope (we didn’t consider the analysts and press in WhoShouldCareAboutOslc? , for example)

Rainer: another thing to think about, raising some money to do bigger things.

Sean: is there general agreement on this kind of relationship? Yes.

Sean: given the StC is meeting next Thursday, it would be very good to have a backlog that we can point them to before then.

Sean: call for people to get involved in building the backlog:
Bob, yes.
Rainer, can review.
Wesley, please include on email about it.
Sean, I will participate

Sean: for the charter would be good to have a discussion on in the next meeting before finalizing. It should be a short bit of text and I also volunteer to work on it with the new WG lead

Rainer: RE 2.3 – larger idea that contains this idea: have an OSLC marketing kit that everyone can pull from for whatever their need

Sean: right, 2.3 as a smaller task, and the larger marketing kit too should be items on the backlog we build

Bob: any OSLC certification?

Sean: no, nothing like that, but some sort of badge system might be interesting to pursue

3. other business

Wesley: how’d the OSLC Hospitality Suite go?

Sean: Awesome! :

Sean: we’re creating some good original content, blogs, how can we get it out there?

Wesley: send it to me, I’ll pass it on to our marketing org; also develop a “re-posters” mailing list (the people who want WG updates are not necessarily the same as those who’d re-post, and vice versa)

Sean: great idea, we’ll have to figure out the logistics of that (another mailman list?)

Items to discuss at the next meeting

  • brainstorm ideas for the backlog
  • review re-chartering draft

Action items generated in this meeting

  1. confirm that Parham is still interested in leading the WG, if so, nominate him on the mailing list (Sean)
  2. create ideas backlog in time for the July 19 Steering Committee meeting (Sean, Bob,Wesley, Rainer)
  3. draft new workgroup charter to capture the proposed releationship with the Steering Committee (Sean, Parham?)
  4. think of ideas for next meeting's brainstorm (All)
  5. put together a "re-poster's" mailing list (Lee)
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