[Oslc-communications] [Oslc-steeringcommittee] OSLC Communication WG prioritization exercise

Sean Kennedy seanpk at ca.ibm.com
Mon Aug 13 17:42:48 EDT 2012

I have aggregated all the feedback here:

>From the perspective of the StC the top 5 choices are:

OSLC "Promoter's Toolkit" - centralized place to find canned slides for
presentations, presentation templates, graphics, posters, patterns for
buttons and t-shirts, and other media

Assist workgroups in raising their presence in the technical world: assist
them in getting started microbloging, provide interesting decisions and
ongoing discussions for inclusion in a periodic community-wide workgroup
update blog, broader promotion of upcoming meetings ...

Get TBL to record a video explaining how OSLC is the leading example of
using Linked Data for data creation and modification, not just consumption,
and then to expand on how he thinks this will affect the world and to
sketch the possibilities of a bi-directionally linked enterprise/supply

Create an OSLC Summit/Conference, possibly co/pre/post-located with another

Write 1-page case studies outlining how organizations are using OSLC and
the resulting benefits. These can be anonymous if needed. The case studies
can then be promoted via various channels.

Using a Fibonacci scale to estimate the effort involved in each (as that
may affect prioritization), me, myself, and I conclude:

Really consists of 3 tasks:
a) settle on a place for the content and prime it with initial content that
people already have (organized into a useable collection)
b) promote the initial collection and ask for additional input  and/or
re-sharing of the initial content when users update it
c) update and maintain the collection on a periodic (quarterly?) basis
You could almost think of this as starting an (really light-weight) open
source project for OSLC materials.
a) 5
b) 1
c) 3 per period

Also includes a few tasks:
a) promote the idea to the domain WGs and get their buy-in to drive the
content to us
b) establish infrastructure/process and provide training/documentation for
domain WG participation
c) create a periodic (monthly?) blog post to highlight news from the
a) 3
b) 5
c) 2 per period

a) plan and approach TBL
b) assist in the video creation (expect that we do the editing and he has
final approval)
a) 2
b) 5

5 to define the scope of the summit/conference, ? to execute (depends on
the scope)

a) create a template and produce the first two (or more - they help
validate the template)  case studies
b) promote the initial case studies and get others interested in the
c) actively pursue new case studies
d) review and approve new case studies(?)
a) 13
b) 5
c) ?
d) 3

Sean Kennedy

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1) 1
2) 12
3) 9

From:        Steve K Speicher/Raleigh/IBM at IBMUS
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Date:        07/30/2012 12:20 PM
Subject:        [Oslc-steeringcommittee] OSLC Communication WG
prioritization        exercise
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John Wiegand and Sean Kennedy have asked me to send out this request on
their behalf.  This is an action from the Steering Committee and needed
before the next meeting on August 14.

This is how we plan to conduct the prioritization:
1) Read the list of "Ideas" at
2) Add any ideas you feel are missing
3) Reply to this email with your top 3 ideas, such as...

Top 3 ideas:

See July 17th meeting minutes for more details:

Steve Speicher | IBM Rational Software | (919) 254-0645
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