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26 September 2012: OSLC Steering Committee meeting



0. approve OSLC Asset Management V2 specification

approved via email

1. open action items and issues

[review] (see August Meeting)

  1. especially “Big Org Invitations focal point self-selection

2. Where and when of our next F2F meeting


See the (incomplete) list of upcoming conferences on the mailing list.

3. Next Meeting

  • proposal: October 22, 4 PM London time (partial F2F in London)


Steering Committee

  • Rainer Ersch, Senior Research Scientist at Siemens
  • David Ingram, Executive Principal at Accenture
  • Andreas Keis, Manager, Software Engineering at EADS Innovation Works UK
  • Mik Kersten, CEO of Tasktop
  • Bola Rotibi, Research Director at Creative Intellect
  • John Wiegand, Distinguished Engineer and Chief Architect for IBM Rational (StC Chairman)


  • Parham Vasaiely, EADS, Communications WG Lead


  • Rachel Kuta, IBM
  • Diane Jordan, IBM


by Sean Kennedy, OSLC Steering Committee Operations Coordinator

1. open action items and issues

  1. Mik approves SCM recharter to Configuration Management
  2. Parham covers the plan for backlog:
    • do plan to make make all people who sign the Members Agreement to have awareness of the CommsWG
    • item 4: the promoters toolkit (item 1) is an important supporting effort to this item
      • will also make an update to the poster (as there was one before)
      • Andreas: have we looked into an OSLC booth at Innovate UK
        • Parham: have not yet discussed, but good idea
          • reach out to Mark & Roy to see if we can do this
          • Sean: would be a good trial/dry run for something that we can run at other conferences
    • item 9: had intial discussions, standalone OSLC conference does not yet make sense
      • think that we should have presence at the the
      • WGs should have better representation at conferences, a great recruiting tool
        • John W.: really like: having OSLC visible at EVERY conference - it is something ubiquitous
        • Rainer: like the idea too, but should not be an alternative to an OSLC conference, they can both happen; should be sure to pick another conference that is not an IBM conference
          • Bola: we should build a list of relevant conferences, understand their submission process and help people get involved
          • Mik: from experience: 1st build critical mass in the community, 2nd start a conference; have to make sure before we go to another conference, we have some critical mass of interest at the conference
          • Rainer: yes, we have to be present at Innovate; can we pick another conference where we can have “OSLC at X” … PLM World would be an option
    • item 5: try to make use of existing contacts to TBL, Sean K. owns this to organize and follow up
    • item 12: create a template, then reach out to committed people
      • Rainer: an essential part of the promoter’s tool (item 1)
    • an important decision is about domain experts
      • we want to recruit people who are already recognized, but we want to help current WG participants to become recognized as such through their OSLC participation
    • Sean: how to provide updates?
      • John: verbal updates and discussion like we’ve had are good
      • Rainer: should compile a list of regular topics to revisit on a regular basis
  3. See also the OSLC StC private minutes for this meeting

2. Where and when of our next F2F meeting

  • John W.: “mark in the sand” - have a F2F meeting at Innovate 2013 (optimistic that we all agree we should meet here too); then have another meeting too
    • agree that we’ll meet at Innovate
  • Mik: ALM Connect (sub conference of EclipseCon) is in March 25-28 Boston
    • Dave West is the conference chair
    • last year everyone on our table had representatives, open source too
  • Rainer: main question is if we have another, where, and to what purpose
    • ALM Connect is OK, still think ALM Summit is a great one for helping us put pressure on Microsoft
  • general support for having another meeting
  • John W.: think it is important that we meet at a non-IBM conference
  • Bola: also consider Embedded World (end of February in Germany)
    • given the interest in OSLC from the systems space, the StC make up, and that its in Europe, it would be a good fit
  • Andreas: another conference ENCOSE in Philidelphia at the end of July
  • Dave: would need to make sure that we can build the case for traveling to the other conference
  • agree: we want to meet at a non-IBM conference in January-February, OK to “leak” into March
  • Bola: calling out for papers now - could we create a presentation?
    • Andreas: would be great if we could be part of
  • Action: Sean to get preferences from StC members

3. Next meeting

  • ran out of time to cover in the meeting
    • Action: Sean to contact each StC member to confirm that having an StC meeting on October 22 will work

Agreements and Consensus in this meeting

  1. Mik also approves of the rechartering of SCM to Configuration Management
  2. Occasional verbal updates from the Communications WG on their execution progress is valuable

Action Items from this meeting

  1. Parham: confirm that we can hang an OSLC poster, or distrubute and OSLC flyer at Innovate UK
  2. Communications WG + StC input: create a list of conferences where OSLC should have a presence
    1. corollary … Communications WG: promote for people to submit presentations, track who’s going, enable attendees with materials, help coordinate the OSLC presence
  3. Sean: follow up with contacts about engaging TBL for a short Linked Data & OSLC video
  4. Sean + StC input: create a list of reoccuring agenda items that we can pull into meeting agendas on a periodic basis
  5. Bola: draft a proposal on engaging analysts for the StC to review
  6. Sean: connect with each StC member individually to find out which orgs they are comfortable approaching
  7. Sean: connect with each StC member individually and get conference preferences

Future Agenda Topics from this meeting

  1. [review] proposal for engaging analysts - Bola

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