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OSLC Change Management July 25, 2013

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Meeting logistics

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Next meeting:

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Community Updates

  • Oasis transition ongoing. CM v3 could potentially be finalized at Oasis. Core will start up in October. Domains will follow after.

Spec Issues

  • Issue on redundant inverse predicates


Steve gave summary of problem and proposed solution. Agreement on deprecating these terms, as discussed in the Core WG. Need to align with RM workgroup so that we’re consistent. Current plan is to deprecated these properties in the 2.0 specification and add a deprecated status to the CM vocabulary document for these terms.

Main Agenda

  • Change Management Types

Reviewed past progress. Agreement on current type proposals. Next steps: Add column to spreadsheet with generic CM types and what properties they should have.

Open issue: Impact to data index if types change? Probably not specific to this change, but a general issue on any change to a vocabulary.


Sam Padgett, Steve Speicher, Bryan Hogan