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OSLC Change Management May 9, 2013

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Next meeting:

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Community Updates:

  • On May 1, Oasis board did approve the creation of the OSLC member section.


  • Steve: Updated the attachments draft with the latest thinking and to bring in alignment with the Linked Data Platform, currently linked from the OSLC-CM 3.0 draft spec.
  • Next steps: Use one of the Lyo reference implementations (CM sample or Bugzilla) to validate the attachments proposal.

CM Types:

  • Should we annotate the 2.0 spec to say what sections or properties have issues?
  • TODO: We should try to discourage the use of dcterms:type in 2.0 providers (see 2.0 spec issues).
  • As written, the ReviewTask does not really describe a requirements change request.
  • TODO: Link to appropriate scenarios from types draft.
  • TODO: Update OSLC Change Request spreadsheet for type changes.

Open Items: Prototype OSLC-CM 3.0? (Lyo?)


Sam, Steve, Brian Steele, Bryan Hogan