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OSLC Change Management April 4, 2013

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Next meeting:

  • April 18, 2013


Community Updates:

  • Mylyn M4 proposal: Breaks backwards compatibility to implement some new use cases and adding some server-side capabilities. Could OSLC-CM be part of the server API?

Spec Issues:

  • Should there be a type for incidents / tickets?

Main Agenda:

  • Steve - Proposal from LDP workgroup:

    • When you post to the attachment lists, it creates a new attachment
    • 201 created with Location response header.
    • Link response header points to Attachment resource (metadata)
  • Steve made changes to draft OSLC-CM 3.0 attachments spec to match.

  • AttachmentList could be an LDP container.

Next Steps:

  • Incorporate attachments proposal into 3.0 draft.


Sam Padgett, Michael Fiedler, Brian Steele, Steve Speicher