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We should try to keep the list prioritized to make it easier to select topics for future meetings. (Yes, a wiki isn’t the best tool for keeping a backlog, but at least it auto-numbers, just begin with a “1.” then you can move the entries wherever you like.) It seems worthwhile to keep two lists, one of broader strategy and discussion topics, and one for community business and operations. (Maybe we need more lists?)

I have also added a 3rd list of recurring topics.


Recurring Topics

  1. OASIS TC Creation
  2. OSLC Connect

Strategy and Discussion Topics



  1. More focused version of “Given the vision, what is the next milestone to get OSLC closer to it?”
  2. [review] the list of “big orgs” we should be targeting, [discussion] which should we pursue first?
  3. Where and when of our next F2F meeting.
  4. [review] status of OSLC memberships and WPA signing, include assessment of why people who were active have not signed
  5. [review | discuss | vote] execution plan for increasing the appeal of OSLC to big vendors
  6. [discuss] OSLC StC focal points for recruitment
  7. [discuss] how to combine existing domain WGs into OASIS TCs - Steve
    • covered at [1304 StC Meeting], to be covered again at [1305 StC Meeting]


  1. Is there a way we could “grease the skids” to help OSLC participants continue their work at the SDO?
  2. [review] proposal for engaging analysts - Bola

Community Business and Operations


  1. [review|vote] ALM Data Model WG proposal
    • target: April 2014


  1. [review] the recommendation from the Core WG and [vote] on SCM re-chartering
  2. [review] the initial report, continue the [discussion] about an “OSLC assessment”
  3. [discussion & vote] Do we need additional officers within the StC? (beyond the chair) Should there be a separate election for those officers?
    • Current proposal only has chair. Only other proposals are: facilitator (non-StC member?), secretary, …
    • Operations Coordinator created at the 120719 StC Meeting, revisit this topic if a specific need arises
  4. [vote] approve Asset Management V2 as final (details to be provided by email first)
  5. [discuss] Should we try to add a statement to the OSLC MS RoPs to state that all OSLC MS affiliated TCs must seek StC approval before co-publishing a standard with another SDO?
  6. [review] Steering Committee election (as part of the TC creation update portion)
    • target: March 2014


  1. [preview] Driving scenarios into domain workgroups and helping close the loop between finalized specifications and the scenarios they solve
  2. [discussion & vote] Decide on how future StC elections will take place.
  3. [review] what are the details of the process for someone to sign the Members Agreement as an individual (e.g. not representing an organization)?
    • process to be covered by email

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