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2014 February: 10 - 11:30 AM (Eastern); Tuesday, February 18
Virtual meeting details

This is the 8th meeting of the OSLC Member Section at OASIS Steering Committee.

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1. OSLC Connect [[discussion|review|vote]: 35m]

Executive Summary

by Sean Kennedy

The first “OSLC Connect” event is to take place April 1-3 at the ALM Forum in Seattle. A number of OSLC-related talks have been accepted across several tracks, and the Steering Committee has previously approved budget for a booth in the exhibit hall.

1a Social Networking Event [[review|vote]: 20m]

Source: February 14 email from Jane Harnad

Executive Summary

By Jane Harnad (per the source email)

Per the last StC meeting, there was an action item on the table for me to research a MS gathering opportunity at the ALM Forum.

Event Overview

By Jane Harnad (per the source email)

Sheraton Seattle Hotel
1400 Sixth Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101
Room: Lobby Lounge Bar

Monday, 30 March
4:30-6:30 PM

ALM Forum schedule: http://www.alm-forum.com/s14/schedule
Other Monday functions to consider:
Dinner hour, ALM Forum workshops (end 5:00 PM), other sponsored activities (Sean: we’re not aware of any right now)

Gathering Format:
Onsite PoC will arrange the popup banner and datasheets in a designated area within the bar. Committee members will distribute drink tickets until the max was reached and/or time has ended. Drinks only are currently in this plan; however, appetizers (if ordered in advance) can be made available.

Drink tickets to be distributed to help manage costs. A maximum drink price will need to be outlined. The recommended price is $10 per drink – which will cover beer, wine, water, and soda. All beverages purchased will be subject to an additional 18% service charge and 9.50% tax. For example, if the average drink price is $10 per ticket, at two per guest, times 50 guests that would be $1000.00 for beverages, plus 18% service charge and tax (Total = $1292.10). OASIS will handle all the billing details – with an onsite PoC being responsible to monitor and sign off on charges.


by Sean Kennedy

  1. The Steering Committee authorizes $2,000 for a social networking event in the format described above.
    1. Sean Kennedy will be the onsite point of contact.
    2. The event title and other details are TBA
      • The OSLC Connect Planning Committee (Jane and Sean) will be responsible for sorting them out and giving the Steering Committee an opportunity to review
      • (Sean’s working title: OSLC Connect Happy Hour)

Projected Order of Business

  1. 5m, Jane: review the event
  2. 10m, Steering Committee: discuss (and amend the even and/or proposal)
  3. 5m, Steering Committee: vote

1b Steering Committee Agenda for the ALM Forum [[discussion|review]: 15m]

Executive Summary

by Sean Kennedy

Per the last meeting, Sean has the responsibility to work with the Steering Committee to build an agenda so that they can make best use of their time at the conference (as well as simplify their travel approvals).

(The following is copied from the work item.)

At present, most of the agenda remains TBD.

“Known” activities:

  1. Monday: social networking event (if approved)
  2. Tuesday - Thursday: Exhibit Hall booth
  3. Tuesday or Wednesday: BoF session (still TBD by the conference)
  4. Tuesday - Thursday: Conference sessions

Desired/potential activities:

  1. OSLC Steering Committee F2F meeting
  2. Meetings with vendors to discuss OSLC implementations and/or community participation
  3. Meetings with onsite press and/or analysts


  1. Which Steering Committee members already know whether they can attend?
  2. For those who are still unsure, what activities would be most likely to have a positive impact on their ability to attend?

Projected Order of Business

  1. 5m, Sean: provide an update on the current “agenda”
  2. 10m, Steering Committee: provide feedback and direction

2. TC Creation Update [[review]: 10m]

Executive Summary

by Sean Kennedy

Projected Order of Business

  1. 5m, Steve: provide an update
  2. 5m, Steering Committee: comments and feedback

3. Control co-publishing standards of affiliated TCs [[discussion]: 10m]

Executive Summary

by Sean Kennedy

Should we try to add a statement to the OSLC MS RoPs to state that all OSLC MS affiliated TCs must seek StC approval before co-publishing a standard with another SDO?
See: https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/oslc-sc/201401/msg00006.html

Per section 5.1 of the OASIS Member Section policy, “Once a Member Section Steering Committee is established at OASIS, it may modify its Member Section Rules of Procedure, subject to approval by the OASIS Board.”

It appears we already have coverage for this in the OSLC RoP in section f:

Technical Committees affiliated with this Member Section must obtain approval from the Steering Committee prior to submitting any deliverable to the OASIS Technical Committee Administration for OASIS Membership vote and prior to submitting any deliverable to de jure standards organizations. Approval by the Steering Committee will be by a simple majority vote.

Projected Order of Business

  1. 5m, Sean: review update
  2. 5m, Steering Committee: questions and comments

4. IBM Innovate conference [[discussion]: 20m]

4a Hospitality Suite [[preview|vote]: 10m]

Executive Summary

by Sean Kennedy

$2,000 were allocated in the Member Section budget to host a hospitality suite at Innovate again this year. As in the past, the event may have other sponsors to help increase the budget.

Key feedback from last year: seek a larger space


Ask Sean Kennedy to investigate the process of hosting an OSLC hospitality suite in a larger venue at the Innovate 2014 conference.

Projected Order of Business

  1. 10m, Steering Committee: discussion and vote

4b OSLC Steering Committee F2F [[preview|vote]: 5m]

Executive Summary

The last 2 years the OSLC Steering Committee has had a face to face meeting before or after Innovate.


Confirm the intention to do this again and ask Sean Kennedy to investigate meeting space logistics.

Projected Order of Business

  1. 5m, Steering Committee: discussion and vote

4c Other discussions [[discussion]: 5m]

Projected Order of Business

  1. 10m, Steering Committee: other associated discussion

5. OSLC Member Section Elections [[preview]: 5m]

Executive Summary

by Sean Kennedy

Just a reminder: in June/July 3 OSLC Steering Committee seats will be up for election:

  1. vacant seat
  2. Bola Rotibi’s seat
  3. Mark Schulte’s seat


Steering Committee

  • Rainer Ersch, Senior Research Scientist at Siemens
  • Andreas Keis, Head of Systems Engineering Processes and Platforms at Airbus Group
  • Mik Kersten, CEO of Tasktop
  • Bola Rotibi, Re to followsearch Director at Creative Intellect
  • Mark Schulte, Associate Technical Fellow at Boeing Defense Systems
  • John Wiegand, Distinguished Engineer and Chief Architect for IBM Rational (StC Chairman)

Steering Committee Staff

  • Operations Coordinator, Sean Kennedy, IBM
  • Technical Coordinator, Steve Speicher, IBM


  • Jane Harnad, OASIS


Detailed minutes are privately available for Steering Committee members.
Public minutes below.

5. OSLC Member Section Elections

It is good to make people aware of the upcoming elections (beginning of June time frame). Organizations who have joined affiliated TCs but have not yet joined the MS should be encouraged to join.

1. OSLC Connect

1a Social Networking Event

The hotel bar is happy to host a “happy hour” timed (4:30 - 6:30) meetup. We can bring our banner and printed materials. We’ll have drink tickets to hand out.

A short survey should be created for attendees to complete (with pen and paper) as they come in (and get their drink ticket). Sean is to work on the questions.

Accepted Proposal: Allocate $2,000 to host a social networking event from 4:30 - 6:30 PM on Monday, March 31 at the ALM Forum as organized by Jane Harnad of OASIS.

(Votes: Andreas Keis, yes; Bola Rotibi, yes; John Wiegand, yes; Mark Schulte, yes; Mik Kersten, yes, Rainer Ersch, yes.)

1b Steering Committee Agenda for the ALM Forum

Attendance: John and Mik will be there for sure, Mark may attend. (Sean and Steve will be there.)

2. TC Creation Update

  • Automation charter has been sent in on Friday … Call for Participation should come soon
  • Starting to work on Requirements, Architecture, and Quality
  • We need some place where we can see the structure of the MS and the TCs … an overview
    • Some work being done at open-services.net to show this, lets get an update on this next month

3. Control co-publishing standards of affiliated TCs

The current situation is good, but worth reminding the TCs of the conditions in the MS RoP.

4. IBM Innovate conference

4a Hospitality Suite

A bigger room is good, but we want to find a way to keep the casual and comfortable atmosphere that has worked so well the last two years.

Sean to investigate options.

4b OSLC Steering Committee F2F

Possibilities: Saturday evening before, Friday morning after, Wednesday(?)

Sean to create a doodle to find out more details of people possible availabilities.


Agreements and Consensus in this meeting

  1. host a social networking event on Monday, March 31 from 4:30 to 6:30 at the ALM Forum
    • we’ll put up our banner, have printed materials available, ask people to complete a short survey
    • $2,000 has been allocated from the Member Section budget

Action Items from this meeting

  1. Sean: create short survey for the social networking event & ALM Forum booth
  2. Sean: investigate options for a hospitality suite at the IBM Innovate conference

Future Agenda Topics from this meeting

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