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OSLC Core Meeting July 17, 2013

Previous meeting

Meeting logistics

Starting 30 minutes later at 12:30 ET

Included in Meetings

Agenda / Minutes

Review Minutes from June 12

OSLC @ OASIS Updates

  • Core TC to be first to transition
  • Currently starting to scope, draft charter and recruit participants
  • Planning to start Core TC in October

TRS 2.0 Spec update

OSLC Core V2 Issues - Outstanding issues and proposed updates

Open Issues

  • TRS-5 Proposal to update occurs to exactly-one for trs:change and for trs:base’s range to be ldp:Container - SteveSpeicher / VivekGarg
    • No issues with proposal, Steve to incorporate chanages.

Resolved/Closed Issues

Deprecating redundant predicates

  • Steve recapped email, no further discussion

V3 Spec Drafting - Specification 3.0

Next meeting:

  • July 31 - 3.0 development

**Ended early due to light attendance and topics***


Attendees: SteveSpeicher (chair), PaulSlauenwhite, JimConallen, SamPadgett

Regrets: NickCrossley, DavidBrauneis, CharlesRankin, ArthurRyman

Possible Attendees: SteveSpeicher (chair), MichaelFiedler, EdGentry, StevePitschke, DevangParikh, PaulMcMahan, JohnArwe, PaulSlauenwhite, NickCrossley, SamPadgett, SheehanAnderson, SuzetteSamoojh, DonCronin, JimConallen, IanGreen, GrayBachelor, NicholasKruk, DavidHoney, ChristopherLazzaro, SofiaYeung, RainerErsch, AndyBerner, CharlesRankin, MikeLoeffler, ArthurRyman, JulianneBielski, RobertElves, TuanDang

Backlog topics

Open / future topics:

  • EdGentry suggested topic: Pickers: with preferred or restricted link types, limiting what can be selected or linked to resource type. SteveS suggests submitting the scenario + some details to either RM (or other appropriate WG) or Core to seed the discussion.

  • NickC suggested topic: need to extend the OSLC pickers (and other areas possibly like query) to allow a [configuration] context to be passed, so the provider can show the versions/variants of the resources in that context, and so the resulting link preserves that context.