CESAR research project and consortium joins the OSLC community

The CESAR project has decided to use OSLC as part of its planned specifications for interoperability. Here's the letter that Josef Affenzeller posted to the OSLC-website mailing list:

The European research project CESAR, a part of the ARTEMISA-JU and a consortium of more than 55 partners from industry, academia, and research organizations, has chosen OSLC as a key part for its interoperability specification (IOS) beginning with the areas like Configuration Management (CM), Requirements Management (RM) and Quality Management (QM). The IOS is part of the Reference Technology Architecture which aims to reduce the cost of integration, configuration, deployment, and maintenance of tool-chains and system engineering environments. The CESAR project will work with the OSLC community to evaluate the enhancement of the specifications according to its needs. For IOS aspects, which cannot be covered by OSLC, additional standards or CESAR specific solutions will be considered. The CESAR project will support the OSLC community to make OSLC a relevant and widely accepted standard. CESAR will work with other European and national funded projects and other organizations to align IOS activities.

The CESAR project has installed a liaison manager to coordinate the activities with the OSLC community and the other projects.

Decision by the Project Steering Board at the board meeting in Gothenburg/Sweden on Sept. 21st, 2011

We look forward to working with you!